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  1. My friends; the Bills will be lucky to win 10games this yr. So grit your teeth, next year will be much better.
  2. Im very happy with the new recruits, but i wonder if we will ever sign 4 & 5 star athletes? That would be the first step getting in the top ten.
  3. Do you think Majerus can turn those two into rebounders?
  4. Lets just hope theyre not like the Haley twins
  5. WE gotta get out of the A-10 conf.. Who agrees?
  6. Lets get out of the A-10, bad idea in the first place. Maybe Mo. valley.
  7. Does anybody wonder why Conklin has only 2 stars?
  8. Maybe im just stupid but i fail to see why SIU should be favored. I think the bills are just as good if not better, Except for home court. Does anybody agree?
  9. At this point im unsure about Brads ability to build a top 20 - 25 team, but im willing to wait into his 2nd. year into the new arena. If by that time he fails to bring in 1 or 2 top 150s i dont think anybody can take us to a higher level.
  10. Im that kind of fan, & i have been for 50 yrs.
  11. Yeah ive been around awhile and seen too much!
  12. How many of you think Brandenburg is a lock for SLU.
  13. It seems he keys on 2star players.
  14. Douglas/Gray/Bonner,can you immagine how far they could have gone if they had a descent center?
  15. obi

    Does anyone know how Obi,s doing? Is he rounding into shape?