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  1. Friend of mine works in the AD office. He said Fran Frachilla and Majerus were both in there talking Levick. Both of these guys have sweet gigs as tv anouncers, why give that up, Majerus could keel over any day. Just thought you would like the news. Another Rumor has that the next coach will bring Anthony Bonner in as Director of Basketball Operations, sort of like Kansas did with Manning, will get him use to college coaching and the rules.
  2. Shimmy contacted by Michigan

    Name one coach that does not say that. Look at Lorenzo romar, he left and he said he was going to be here for a long time
  3. Words has it that Shimmy has been contacted by University of Michigan for the vacant Head Coaching Position. As you all know Shimmy played her college ball at Michigan, wouldn't be a bad hire for a program like UM and it would be great for Shimmy, but lets hope she does not leave.
  4. A source of mine in the AD Dept told me that there is a 11 o'clock press conference tomorrow at West Pine. Take it for what it is worth.
  5. If he was at SLU, we would all love him b/c he would get good players and he would win, everybody would love that
  6. what happened to her, she is not on the team any more, anybody know.
  7. Favorite bills player

    Charles Newberry, he is my all time favorite. What ever happened to him, they should have reunion of the old teams at the games, i think it would be neat to see the old bills of the 80's. orlando Stewart had a great story on him, I was watching practiceone day and Stewart decided to get into a fight w/ a teammate. So he just sucker punched him and ran out of the gym. He never came back, no one knows what happened to him. A Melvin Robinson story, watchimg practice again and Mel came into the gym late and Grawer yelled at him and asked where he had been, and he said coach I can't practice today my brain hurts...funny By the way Melvin has a son at Gateway tech playing a frosh who is 6"11 SLU should keep an eye out for him
  8. Women's Basketball

    Actually, the lady bills had a winning record in the 02-03 season and made the WNIT but Jill figured out a way to Phuck up against Iowa and the next season she was a disaster, Shimmy is well respected by her players and coaches witch is the key since Jill made her coaches start her showers and get oil changes in her car
  9. Women's Basketball: 1st place!!

    That is what happens when you have a head coach that people respect, you will get good recruits unlike Pizzotti who nobody respected
  10. http://ndnation.com/boards/showpost.php?b=...d=321348;d=this nice picture a lot of class
  11. AB new coach at Vashon

    I still say that Vashon is racist for not hiring a white coach.
  12. Floyd Irons news

    Floyd Irons, Jerry Dobson and Demitrious Johnson are filing a defamation of character suit against Veronika Obrien and Amy Higgelman. I'm sure they will blame Irons heart attack on Veronika and Amy. By the way, Irons got a teaching job at Stowe Middle School, but has yet to teach a day of class. He is out because of his heart attack, so he is getting paid, even though he hasn't stepped foot in a classroom.
  13. www.coachshimmy.com

    Shimmy is doing a great job, and it is good to see her getting to know the area coachs unlike Pizzotti who thought she was too bigtime to do any of that stuff. Where is Jill these days
  14. OT: Hoop Dreams

    I had a 3.8 in high school but only got a 17 on my ACT and I went to a private school, vtime what does that mean.
  15. Interesting Move by Sloan and Levick

    So, if you have inside info how much money did sloan lose? I know how much, it is over 3k.