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Arena Update

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Linda Tucci: There's a million more reasons to build St. Louis U. arena

By Linda Tucci

updated: 05/21/2003 11:02 PM

A construction manager has been chosen, architects selected, the location made official. And now there's $1 million more in the pot for St. Louis University's $70 million arena.

Thomas and Ruth Brouster made the generous gift this week. Thomas Brouster, a SLU trustee, is chairman and chief executive of Forbes First Financial, the holding company for Pioneer Bank & Trust Co. The pledge matches an earlier $1 million gift by Mary Ann and Mike Shanahan Sr., chair of the $45 million drive for private donations.

How close is SLU to the goal? Spokesman Jeff Fowler says an update should be coming soon, in tandem with announcements on more large gifts.

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A very positive report. The location of the arena sounds like it will be an extension to the campus and that the campus and mid-town area will complement each other. A deal for both the city and SLU.

Does anyone have any ideas/guesses re: timelines such as ground preparation, ground breaking and completion? What is the earliest play date, 2005 season?

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I drove by the arena site on my way home from work today. I think it will be great. It is presently improved by a couple of old, abandoned warehouses. There are also several recently renovated apartments on the southern edge of the site; I wonder if those will remain. The site is essentially across Lindell/Olive from Parks college and the western part of the Compton Parking garage. It will fit nicely into campus and Grand Center. Vito's, the Bistro, and hopefully several new establishments will be available for a cold beverage before or after the game.

I also drove around the western part of grand center. It has drastically improved over the last few years. Cardinal Ritter's new campus looks beautiful, and there are a two new modern art museums.

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