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Hey Roy and Billiken Law

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did you get my e-mail? You're probably too busy today tearing up the financial markets with these low rates.

Billiken Law, I've always admired your posts and your loyalty to SLU and MU. I like MU and hope we can all remain together somehow. However, MU's attitude is a little like the noveau riche if what you say is true about abandoning any ties with SLU or DePaul for a prestigious berth in the Big East. I would hope between these three schools, and Charlotte, can find their way into a good situation that is a step above the MVC or Horizon conference.

That said, does anyone have a read on what the east coast schools really think about an all Catholic conference with the midwest and east divisions?

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i got an e-mail from you a few days ago, i thought i e-mailed you back? if you sent one today to my home addy, i havent been home since early this morning.

imo, the east coast media is missing the advantages of slu when writing these articles. there is no way slu will be left behind. in fact, other than the fact that marquette just got done riding duane wade's coattails for two years, there is nothing else above recent level of success that marquette has over slu. overall, slu actually brings more to the table imo than marquette if you think about media markets and all. like i said below, i wouldnt want to be the party that double crosses father biondi.

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