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The Wiz

The Bills over SIU by 13

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Another not pretty win...but a win is a win.....We did enough to win ....The mantra of this team seems to be ....play only as good as your competition ( or a just a little bit better)...Let's see what happened

BOLD...from the original post....

WWN2D2W....Hold Benson , McGill and Domask to a combined total of 30 pts...Fail....Benson , and Domask scored 37 of SIUs 60 pts...McGill,  a sub for Cook was a nonfactor....

TO s ...we need to match them...I am going to give this a pass and a fail...We lost the TO battle by 2 ( which cost us 4 Pts  ...the amount we fell short of the spread) which was the fail (some of these were careless passes)...however , I will also give a pass as 11 TOs by us is still a great number.

.make some shots....this won't be easy as SIU's strong suit is D.....Our needed slash....48/ 35/ 58...Actual slash  44/28/70....graded slash...F/ F / P....While 70 is nothing to write home about for most teams ...it is nearly 20% above our reg season average...a difference maker in this game
.Rebound, rebound , rebound....This will be the key to this game...if we don't win the boards battle by double figures , it means something has gone wrong. ....I harped on this in the original post  and as predicted this was the most important factor in the game as we beat the Salukis by 12 rebs...39-27. Third game in a row where rebs carried us.

One other factor is we held them to 9% from the arc...which is great ...especially in light of the fact we came into the game with a D-  on  3P defense...the problem? ...we stopped playing 2 pt defense as they shot 63% in the 1st half inside the arc and 55% for the game...way too high....we need to play both long and short defense....in the same game.

We will have to play better than we did today as the upcoming games will be tougher than SIU....The good news is we can and we will play better  (remember ...we always play to the competition.)

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