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  1. I'm so proud of Fred, but I love this as a meme lol
  2. Who doesn't want to see a revival of the Grandy Shuffle?
  3. I'll be 100% transparent that some of it is this for me. Stone just seemed like a rock (pun intended) and was a decent recruiter for a while. I think if you take away the covid and injury issues, we make the WNIT 1 of the last 3 years. That and under her tenure we had multiple team and individual records broken for the women's program. I understand wanting to elevate the program, but I'm skeptical of how it can work hiring a seemingly similar coach (one NCAA appearance notwithstanding).
  4. As I said to my dad today looks like Olean will be-lean next season.
  5. Part of it was because firing Stone was a head-scratcher given her success in breathing life into the program. Yes she had plateaued, but the firing seemingly came from nowhere.
  6. Agreed. No disrespect intended to either of them. In terms of team identity I think we're a bit disjointed, though.
  7. At this point it just feels like we're Longwood plus Brooke Flowers and Julia Martinez.
  8. If she has, my hopes for world peace seeing a Greek and a Turk play side-by-side have been dashed.
  9. They could rehire Kerri she's not from St. Louis but she's lived here like 7 out of the last 8 years and knows the program.
  10. Tiffany Sardin, former Head Coach of Chicago State, has been added as Associate Head Coach. First outside hire to the staff.
  11. Christy Jordan joins the staff as Director of Ops. Again it appears we're migrating the majority of Longwood's WBB staff to us.
  12. This is correct, all the players have more followers on Instagram from what I've noticed.
  13. I think we need another team with the Rams as their mascot.
  14. I only took a brief Google glance and saw Longwood and she was young, thanks for the other info, Pistol. Also related, Ny Toang just entered the transfer portal.
  15. Tra'Dayja Smith (spelling?) Just announced as assistant coach. Looks like she's just bringing over her Longwood staff at this point.
  16. Starring John Travolta as Gibson Jimmerson
  17. Shoulda put the Brett Jolly gif in there this is hilarious
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