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  1. Anybody in the St. Louis will want to check out Vashon this tear. They have 4 juniors (2023) who I believe have a chance or will be Division 1 players. 6'6 Kennard Davis, 6'7 Jordan Logan, 6'5 Cam Stovall, 6'4 Jayden Nicholson. Logan is somewhat of an unknown but will breakout in his first year of varsity basketball. He's a great rebounder, expanding skillset as a 4 man, and has good athletic traits. Younger brother of Davion Bradford.
  2. Realistically I'm unsure. In my eyes SLU is a top 30-40 program in the Country so I always think they SHOULD have a shot at local talent. With that being said... I think Aaron is going to be a major blue blood target, possibly even G-League, Overtime, or Pro but time will tell!
  3. SLU has offered 2025 PG, Aaron Rowe, from Tolton in Columbia, MO. I know this kid very well both on the court and personally. He's going to be a blue chip prospect. 6'0 already, freakish athletic traits. Works incredibly hard with skills trainer, Pep Stanciel. The sky is the limit. For perspective he played up a year on Mokan's 15u and had 27 points in a Peach Jam game.
  4. Jimmy Bell coming back to SLU after his JUCO year definitely has legs to it... I'll leave you all with that.
  5. This is coming directly from his JUCO coach "Big-time shooter/scorer. Can create his own shot. Deep range. Good athlete"
  6. The 2022 commit is not from St. Louis.. I would just post the player name but I don't want a screenshot to get out as I confirmed with the person I'd keep it between us. Should be announced in the next few days! It's a guard/wing. Explosive athlete, mid-to-high major interest and offers. Really solid prospect in my eyes.
  7. SLU received a commitment today... stay posted for the official announcement. Bigtime pickup in my opinion on the wing!
  8. Adewale is headed to a prep school in Philadelphia. Davis is the best prospect at Vashon in my opinion. Stovall and Nicholson are equally talented in my opinion. Stovall has great upside he's starting to tap into however. He'll be at the Larry Hughes Elite Camp this weekend which is 60 players nationally and very talented (Zaide Lowery and Dez White will also be there). Nicholson has good skill for a wing, played on a deep Mokan 16u team so not a ton of opportunity. Keep an eye out for Dez White, he's about to explode this HS season. 6'2 combo guard with range from the parking lot. He had a big-time Peach Jam for Mokan. He's at Helias in Jefferson City. As for Macaleab Rich, I didn't list him since he's in Illinois but if he was in Missouri then I'd have him ranked around the 3 spot. He's a man-child with bounce, skill-set needs to develop more but he catches eyes.
  9. After summer I've been able to rank 2023 the best I can in Missouri. (Not including players from out of state going prep) 1) Zaide Lowery, Kickapoo HS - Best player in the state, two way SG 2) Kennard Davis, Vashon HS - Next up on Cass Avenue 3) Dez White, Helias HS - Guard with deep range, can score in a variety of ways 4) Kyle Pock, Bolivar HS - Sharpshooting wing, High IQ 5) Cameron Stovall, Vashon HS - This is my sleeper, 6'6 athlete with developing game. Watch.
  10. Thank you. Social media is a major influence and our traffic allows colleges to see the players more. The program was formed in March so this spring/summer has been a lot of learning on the fly, but we're headed in the right direction. In the next year or two we plan to be the best AAU program in the Midwest. Developing talent, identifying talent, making a positive influence on the youth. I think people are going to be pleasantly surprised at how far we take this!
  11. Without going into too much detail... Mokan and its directors essentially make all the decisions for Link Academy. This may clear up why some are confused for players attending there. In short, they are looking to place their best players there and develop younger ones so they can be even better during the summer circuit.
  12. Jevon Porter is going to Pepperdine. He's a high-major talent top 100 kid without a doubt. 6'10 forward that can play center if needed. Big-time shooter, versatile defender, great ball skills for the size. We play in some elite events during the live period. The events are posted on our Twitter. Link Year was originally a prep school only. It's a very good program and run extremely well. We are sending 3 guys there all 6'7 wings Jalen Hampton, Omar Henry, and Jackson Skipper. It's known to develop kids, have a great strength program, and send nearly their entire roster to the D1 level. Now they have a HS team called Link Academy. Based on what I know, donations from Nike, and the people behind it I'd expect it to reach levels similar to IMG Academy, Montverde, Oak Hill, etc... it will be a powerhouse. Their HS team will have a starting lineup of all 4 and 5 star kids to give you an idea. They will be releasing rosters soon.
  13. Jalen Hampton from University City is going prep at Link Year. He's top 3 in the state for 2022 alongside Tarris Reed and Jevon Porter. He's 6'7 with elite athletic traits, defensive stopper on the wing, and an outstanding slasher. Been playing with us over at Michael Porter Jr. elite AAU program and he's been awesome. Plays hard every game and a competitor, once live period rolls around offers will flood in from Mid to High-Majors.
  14. Kennard Davis at Vashon is gonna be top 150 when it's all said and done if you ask me. He's the best 2023 in St. Louis right now. Cameron Stovall is another 2023 at Vashon with a high ceiling. He's 6'5, athletic, and has a good skillset already. He's continuing to learn the game and gain confidence. Sultan Adewale plays with Mokan now, give him another year and he'll be big-time.
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