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  1. Woah watch out what you refer to Martin as man. The Mizzou worms are lurking about here and they don't like when you disrespect their god
  2. I know that doesn't mean he's anywhere close to the 79th best. And let those Mizzou pricks say whatever they want, in a few years when Cuonzo still won't be winning (as shows from his incredible recruiting at Cal to sub-par results) and they won't be sitting on their high horses.
  3. It's really odd that yesterday everyone was freaking out about the possibility of Gordon decommitting and today we're "sure he'll go to SLU" and arguing if he'll start or not. Meanwhile, one more person has predicted him as switching from us to Mizzou and another also predicted Watson to Mizzou. I'm not saying this means anything, I'm just hoping for anyone with any real evidence for Gordon choosing Mizzou or for sure staying with us to speak up. On a high note, Thatch is up to a 79 on ESPN. He might've been this high before I just never saw it so he looks like his stock is rising
  4. Up to three "experts" on 247 have picked Watson to Mizzou now
  5. now you're putting words in my mouth. I was putting what Ford said in the interview into shorter terms about how he won't be upset if Martin sometimes gets better area guys than us. If you wanna call Ford's recruiting "absurd" I suggest you take it up with him
  6. I remember a while back ford was asked about Martin being hired and how that will affect recruiting and he said that there is plenty of talent in the stl area to go around and he's fine not getting all the top guys every year. To me it seems like cuonzo is just greedy and afraid of slu being more relevant than mizzou and as such, he rejects this attitude Ford is fine with and wants it all for himself
  7. Are we still thinking that Watson can't even go to mizzou just like he supposedly can't go to Ohio state?
  8. I'm praying that you're right. I'd like to think that if gordon was going to commit to miz at any point, it would've been right when Martin got hired or around when tilmon committed.
  9. That's just one source, 67% of the predictions still have SLU. And the guy that predicted mizzou also thinks Watson will go there
  10. Does everyone forget the fact that at Peach Jam (I believe) this summer a reporter asked Gordon what he was most looking forward to for college bball and he said how excited he was to play in Chaifetz. And he seemed confident in his answer too
  11. Would we rather have Watson as opposed to Jared Rhoden, as 247 has him predicted to come to SLU? Not to mention getting Rhoden could boost our recruiting rep in the east.
  12. Isn't Goodwin not supposed to take part in team drills?
  13. It's about time. And honestly, I can see him maybe rising to a 4-star on ESPN. For example, he used to be like 220 in the nation of 247 and now he's 165, and I would hope that he rises even more. Obviously Ford and the staff know how good Thatch can be, because when they recruited French he wasn't top 100, and he had a huge senior year and is now ranked 87, So I'm anticipating the same thing happening to Thatch
  14. Just some thought that came across my mind that I thought might be interesting to you guys. Looking at Jordan Goodwin's h/w and watching his videos the first comparison I made was to Notre Dame guard Bonzie Colson. For those of you who don't know, Colson is 6-5 and weights 225 pounds. Goodwin is 6-4 and 220, with a possibility of growth. Despite being only 6-5, Colson led the ACC in rebounding with 10.1 rpg, thanks in part to his 7 foot wingspan. I clearly see this comparison in Goodwin as he is just a complete monster on the boards for a guard, with a wingspan of something like 6 foot 10, as well as having that stocky, long armed figure that Colson has.
  15. What do you think about Thatch rising then?
  16. Was just browsing 247sports for the 2018 player rankings and noticed Thatch shot up from 228 to 165. I was just wondering what you guys on here think he'll end up being towards the end of next year, as his stock seems to be similar to what happened to French this year, as it rose drastically at the end of the year. http://247sports.com/Season/2018-Basketball/RecruitRankings?InstitutionGroup=HighSchool Side note, Gordon is down from 25 to 34
  17. Yeah but Foreman and Bess have had a whole year of not playing and just working on their weak areas. I'm not saying that they're gonna come out and be amazing three shooters, but they could have worked hard over the offseasons and improved quite a bit.
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