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  1. CS to shoot two. Need him to step up here. First good. Second no good. Up 10. Turnover us.
  2. KM fouls and PU shoots two. 1 min. to go. They make both, up 9.
  3. Misses first. "Crowd loves Willie Reed and how can you not?" Misses both. Christian fouled. We're still up 10. He makes one of two.
  4. PU scores and Kwamain will shoot two. Makes first, 20 for both KM and WR. Makes second, we're up 10, 1:30 to go. Willie fouled after the rebound. 1:25 to go.
  5. Conklin makes first. These guys are killing the refs. "We've got Archie the show bear." Makes second, up 10.
  6. Makes one of two, up 10, 1:45 to go. "That is the worst call I've ever seen!!!" PU to shoot two. Makes both.
  7. Dunk PU, "Willie down and grimacing in pain." Cramps maybe?
  8. PU hits two, 60-51, 2 to go. Willie to shoot two. First good. Up 10. Second good. Up 11.
  9. 2:30 to go. Christian to shoot one and one. Makes first, misses second, we're up 11, 2:15 left. PU will shoot two. Four fouls on Conk.
  10. Kwamain bucket on the great pass from Christian. Up 10. Charge PU, Conk draws the charge.
  11. PU layup and we're up 6, 55-49, 4:25 to go. Kwamain scoreless second half. Jamtime Willie Reed!!!!
  12. Willie misses the front end. 5:30 to go. Block and board by Willie Reed. PU ball.
  13. Don't think so. We'll get the last two, if the third is needed.
  14. PU nails a three and we're up 8 and PU calls timeout. 6:05 left.
  15. 7:59 to go. Princeton makes both, we're up 10 52-42. 7:41 to go, PU's center has four fouls. Willie from 15 and we're up 12. Willie with 16. PU jam and we're up 10.
  16. Foul on Willie, his first, under 8 timeout, they'll shoot two.
  17. Ellis with three fouls, and they miss another front end. Conk misses on two straight possessions. 9:30 to go. PU scores and we're up 12, 52-40. Cory misses badly. Turnover PU.
  18. They miss the front end. Conk with the score. 52-38. Drought over?
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