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  1. McBroom hits two and we're down two.
  2. Reggie Agbeko sighting. Down 4 at the under 16 timeout. 2nd half rebounds even at 3.
  3. Looks like Crews has cut his rotation to nine, at least only nine have played so far. Interesting that Roby isn't one of the nine, not to mention Lancona and Manning.
  4. Ash makes a layup... did I just type that Ash made a layup?... and we're down 7 at the half.
  5. Say what you will about McBroom, but he has 13 of our 25 points.
  6. Jolly shoots a three and nearly cracks the glass. Feeling sorry for the backboard at this point.
  7. Down 9 to Bradley? Good Lord we're terrible.
  8. Getting hammered on the glass, missing layups, turning it over. I'm guessing these guys will improve... won't they?
  9. Being able to claim St. Louis as my original hometown... in spite growing up elsewhere. Happy Thanksgiving Billiken fans!!!
  10. My goodness, if Malibubill2 thinks this board is rough, then I sincerely caution him about going to any other board of any other team in the country. This board is genteel compared to most. SLU and Wake are my two college teams and after four years of the Jeff Bzdelik era at Wake, I'm still in shock at the abject hatred that was heaped on him and the jaundiced view Wake fans had of any player he recruited. Enjoy Billikens.com Malibull2, it's kinder and gentler than most.
  11. Bradley 52 - Texas A&M -CC 38. Bradley had also beat recently beat A&T by 8. We have a long way to go.
  12. Damn right, kid was awesome when we needed it. Bad team performance but the W is good.
  13. Reynolds to shoot two, we need 'em badly.
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