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  1. There are two Dayton games I’d like to see, 2011 when our developing Freshmen whipped the Flyers on their Senior night, and the 2013 game where we pounded them 81-52.
  2. billikenfan05, thank you for setting this up. It’s Awesome with a capital A! Watching the first half and what a performance by the Bills. At the under 4, the D has forced 16 turnovers, and after a slow offensive start, the offense caught fire. Great first half by Rob Loe. It was 31-14 at the under 4 when I started this post, then Butler ended the half on a 9-3 run. Watching Loe and wonder if THTRB would consider setting up an interview with him? His improvement from year to year was impressive.
  3. Good post. Time for this thread to end. Missing work today as a result of this. Wife all over me about going to the doc on Monday. Probably have to.
  4. Just not as big a one as the impostor in the white house. How many more will die from the tRumpvirus? As much as I dislike tRump and his brand of political ignorance and the hate he has force multiplied, I hope that none of the members of billikens.com, or anyone else for that matter, falls victim to this malady. My work is keeping me in the public, and despite gloves, frequent hand and glove sanitizing, and mask, I’ve developed a cough and sore throat. This is scary. Stay safe and healthy everyone.
  5. My goodness, who knew that there were so many widdle snowflakes who get so butthurt on billikens.com? This is shocking to me. Now, maybe you'll see how good people who care about this country and care about and for others, are pissed about the way we have been bashed by the right wing mouthpieces for 35 years with nothing but lies. It's not pleasant is it? I'm glad I could perform this public service for you.
  6. LOL, you're just as dishonest as the pResident and the party you love. That's a lot of bogus crap. JGood made his share of mistakes and was frustrating at times but glad he's on our side and hope he comes back. BTW, Jon Rothstein has JGood in the top 5 of returning players to watch next year. Just hope there is a next year and that JGood is a part of it.
  7. LOL, and wth does Jordan Goodwin have to do with this? JGood is a warrior on the court. All respect to JGood.
  8. The widdle snowflake is still butthurt. Awww, that’s precious. To support the right wing malfeasance which is wrecking this country, to be a Hannity, Limbaugh, and Faux News lapdog, you prove that you are intellectually weak. The right wing is made up of people who are of the same mindset that fell for Goebbels propoganda and worshipped Hitler. I once had a patient, a native German born 1925, who told me that Hitler was a great man who never did any of the things he was accused of. This otherwise pleasant man had been so brainwashed by the Nazi propoganda machine that 55 years after
  9. Awww, is the little snowflake butthurt again? When you guys need emergency medicine be sure to keep the phone number for the Waaahmbulance close by.
  10. Sad to see the alternate universe you MAGAt snowflakes live in.
  11. One thing I love about this thread is how butthurt the MAGAt crowd becomes when they have to face how they have been lied to for the past 35 years. billiken_roy, Big Bill Fan, et al, don’t get to close to the fire because snowflakes don’t do well there.
  12. You think I care about that? I love the Bills and call it as I see it. That offends you. As Irwin M. Fletcher would say, “Tough sh—, Hopalong.”
  13. Must have been difficult for you to admit but thank you for the compliment.
  14. I have no liberal bias. I have an intelligence bias and you have an ignorance bias. It’s just that simple.
  15. Pistol, You are an impressive person. Your work on recruiting, your interview on THTRB, and this bit of prose are dynamically great. Thanks for expressing it so well. Hat tip to you, Sir.
  16. Big Bill Fan, my question for you is can you view your Faux News propagandists while wearing that big red nose?
  17. Listened to the NPR report yesterday on the use of ventilators to treat covid-19. From the healthcare staff interviewed, the disease so inflames and ravages the lungs that way north of 50% of patients don’t survive. Just the insertion of the tube usually causes lung damage. It’s a brutal, ugly illness that in NO way resembles the flu, so you clowns who made this comparison citing your flu statistics, can return to wearing your red noses and floppy shoes.
  18. Really enjoyed the Raboin interview. First class guy. Thanks to Jack for his contributions to Billiken basketball.
  19. ^^ Out of reactions due to Big Bills Fan et.al. trollfest. Stupendously great post!!
  20. My question is will the Republican Party investigate Trump’s coronavirus failure as much as they did Benghazi? Will Faux News, Limbaugh, Hannity, and the right-wing echo chamber hammer Trump for months on end the way they did Hillary with their rallying cry “Benghazi!!” ?
  21. You people support a proven liar who lies about his lies. You promote a party and a right wing media that promotes division and hate. Drumpf is a proven crook who should’ve been locked up years ago. If that’s what you like and support, then you’re no better than the leader you worship. That’s the last I have to say about it.
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