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  1. This isn't about fatigue, this is about getting your ass kicked by better players. Zags have 7 turnovers to 2, and getting outrebounded 12-6. Total domination so far.
  2. Kispert finally scores, but Baylor up 16-4. Blowout city. The Zags are helpless.
  3. What time are we expecting the announcement?
  4. Johnny Frickin’ Juzang. What a show he put on. When I grow up I wanna be his agent.
  5. Very true, and you’ve got to get lucky on occasion that a three-star has a late growth spurt and blossoms into a monster center, for example a David Robinson, a lightly recruited 6’4 forward who grows 7” after enrolling at Navy and becomes “The Admiral.” Tim Duncan is another example of an unknown kid from St. Croix who is recruited by Delaware State, Providence, and Wake, chooses Wake and is to be redshirted. Guys get hurt, he’s a starter from the second game on, and by the 4th game you can see he’s going to be a monster.
  6. I’m sure I heard him say this on an interview on 101 ESPN, probably one of those long-winded ones he occasionally did with Bernie.
  7. My hope as well. This. Most anyone I know provides for their family quite handsomely at 8-10% of $2.2M a year. I liked Porter at SLU and hoped the admin. would go with Rick’s suggestion to have him take over when Rick retired. Porter’s the kind of guy you want to pull for and, 99.9% of the time, I want Oklahoma to lose.
  8. Disappointed to hear Moser to Oklahoma. Seems like he would've had higher standards.
  9. And probably never really offered.
  10. Coulibaly will be a force in the A-10. That’s a very solid pick-up for the Bonnies. How does Schmidt do it?
  11. Only problem with that comparison is that Barnett did that on a talent shy team that won only 4 games. Somebody had to take the shots and he was it. His stats at SLU were nowhere near that good and, personally, I thought he was a mostly a disappointment, taking nothing away from the deep three he hit against N.C. State. Seems to me Williams has way more upside potential (always loved hearing Hubie Brown describe every draft pick as having "upside potential") than Barnett.
  12. Definitely more like Isabell than Weaver, plus a little taller. Shot mechanics are good, nothing quirky, and he shoots an actual jump shot, unlike a lot of players who shoot set shots and jump a little before releasing. Might take him some time to fit into Ford's system the way Isabell did, but this looks like an excellent pick-up.
  13. UCLA wins as Mich. misses a three at the buzzer. Give it up to the Bruins, that’s a tough team.
  14. 0.5 left, Mich. ball, down 2. Mich. has missed their last 7 shots.
  15. Been a slugfest the whole way. Bruins up one with 2:26 left.
  16. I mean the ref was just standing there, fell backwards, and hit his head. That did not look good at all.
  17. USC is turning it over like it's their job. 17-4 Zags.
  18. Alert and taken off the court on a stretcher.
  19. Ref collapses on court. Bert Smith. This doesn't look good.
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