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  1. This is pretty much it. Best thing to hope for is a return to 30% and that the shots he's fouled on all go in so at least we get two points.
  2. Got to give the Bills credit for a much better second half than the first. Scored 34 pts. on 26 possessions, an excellent 1.31 ppp, had only 5 turnovers for a rate under 20%, shot 59% from the floor, held them to 36% shooting and forced 8 turnovers. KC did what they had to, keeping the possessions for the game in the mid-50s, and minimizing fast break points. The 13 defense was very effective in slowing them down but the man D was ineffective in the first half. Kind of worrisome when you think about what Richmond and Duquesne can do against either of those defenses with much better guards
  3. 62-46. Glad to have the W, wasn't easy. All props to JGood. He was excellent.
  4. Nice triple by Perkins following the excellent ball movement. We hit 60!!
  5. JGood has hit nine straight from the line. Excellent, lead at 11.
  6. Nice set led to the French dunk attempt. Too bad we couldn't have had an and one there.
  7. Bad last possession by us. 28-26 at the half. 1-3-1 defense gave them some problems. Silver Alert out trying to locate Jimerson and Perkins' shooting touches.
  8. McKissick T'd up for being a jerk and Perkins makes only one of two. We're ice cold.
  9. We're down 6, turnover Perkins. McKissick must be an All-American or something.
  10. JGood playing one on five. Ties it at 15.
  11. No one can guard McKissick. Down 15-11 at the under 8.
  12. 2 fouls on Allick helps a little. JGood misses two FTs.
  13. Airball Fred from three. 11 points in 11 mins.
  14. 13-9 bad guys after the JGood bucket.
  15. Bad pass by Jimerson and we're down 11-7.
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