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  1. The 5 second closely guarded rule only applies to a player “holding” the ball. They changed the rule in 2016 to eliminate the 5 second count when a player is dribbling.
  2. UNCG’s Wes Miller hired at UC. Only 38, but has 10 years experience as a head coach at the G. Had five 20-win seasons at a school about as low profile as there is. He clearly did a terrific job there but, having sat behind the G bench at some home games over the years, I can tell you he’s a maniac on the sidelines. I guess it’s OK but I felt almost embarrassed for him with the tantrums he would throw at the refs about essentially nothing. Hoping the G will hire ETSU’s coach who was wrongly dismissed after only one year. That would be an in your face hire if I’ve ever seen one. Those fools
  3. So it appears that the answer to Yess was no.
  4. With the exception of the USC first half, I just wasn’t that impressed with the Zags. With Kispert cold from the arc and Nembhard having an off-game, they couldn’t make up for their lack of foot speed on D. Suggs is a heckuva player, and Timme a crafty center, but there was no way the Zags could keep up with Baylor’s better athletes.
  5. Sounds like we need more Gatorade flowing and less Koolaid. We gotta go to work.
  6. Sums it up. On to '21-22, which will be known as the Year of the Billiken!!
  7. Order has been restored, total domination.
  8. Zags have missed 4 of their last 5 FTs, including the front end.
  9. Baylor looking a little shaky, but the Zags turn it over again.
  10. Excellent Zags rally to cut it to 10 at the half. Still a chance with Baylor's foul troubles.
  11. How overrated is Kispert? Foul trouble piling up for the Bears.
  12. 12-5 Zags run and their zone is slowing down the Bears.
  13. 3 Baylor players with two fouls. Suggs got away with his third foul. Little bit of a run by Zags, 35-22. Their zone is working a bit.
  14. This isn't about fatigue, this is about getting your ass kicked by better players. Zags have 7 turnovers to 2, and getting outrebounded 12-6. Total domination so far.
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