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  1. Really need St. Joes to hang on. Don't want to play them.
  2. Quick 7-0 run gets it back to 16!!!
  3. Perk with the and one chance, big bucket there.
  4. Need to get Perk going from the mid-range.
  5. 5 disastrous possessions in a row. Got to settle down and be smart.
  6. Seems like we're more effective tonight with Yuri out and JGood at the point.
  7. Good time for a TV timeout. Getting careless and how will we stop Mitchell?
  8. 2 straight turnovers when up 16. Not a good omen.
  9. Bad possession there. Take your time, JGood loves to chuck up early threes.
  10. UMass zone and Perk bangs one down. Up 14.
  11. Linssen!! Looks like a 60s NBA big. So fundamental. He's turning into the second coming of Dave Cowens!!
  12. We need to guard Pierre, and stop committing silly fouls. Mitchell is too good to not have our best defenders on the floor.
  13. 3 fouls on Bell. Not much of a foul.
  14. Break up the Joey's. Up 34-25 at the half. Has there ever been a 9 win team make the NCAA field?
  15. Can't believe JGood missed the layup and can't believe we got a call. Up 6.
  16. The Locomotive with the strong board and finish. Up 4.
  17. Perkins needs better shoes. Falls down too much.
  18. First foul on Has' then another quick one on TJ.
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