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  1. I think you are right about DePaul and Loyola and the MCC. It is my understanding that DePaul would not join as long as Loyola was there and Xavier (mainly Jeff Fogelson, A D; now A D as Seton Hall) would not give Loyola the boot. Had Xavier not tried top be so loyal to Loyola, tha MCC might still be together today as a powerful midwestern based basketball league.
  2. I don't think St. Louis has anything to worry about. Last week this guy was saying four would be added(Western Kentucky). Why would the a-10 go for the potential of an upgrade at BU when St. Louis and Charlotte are already good programs? I would think (or at least hope) you would see a revolt by Xavier and Dayton if St. Louis was left out. But I do understand your concerns. Sometimes politics gets in the way of facts. We were pretty sure Xavier would get into the Big East, but politics got in the way of that and DePaul ended up being selected even though their program is certainly not of
  3. I had not heard of "double secret probation" Do you have a source for this? All I am aware of are the performance standards agreed to all and which will be very difficult for some in the A-10. I hop you are right. On the other hand, I think it would be very helpful for Fordham to get the ship on course and become successful in N. Y.
  4. Having the tournament in Cincinnati will be a big plus for Xavier as it was for Dayton last year. That is not an excuse for Xavier because we lost to Temple of all people. But realistically, Dayton was third best team in the A-10 last year. It is definitely not an easy place to play. Their fans do make a difference. By the way, the tournament was awarded to U S Bank Arena, not Xavier. Maybe the Savis Center can hold open a couple days in March three years from now. Wouldn't that pi$$ off the Philadelphia folks.
  5. It appears that you are right. I too think Xavier offers much more than DePaul. I think many of the Big East schools did too. Probably deferred to Notre Dame. But I think the better choice would have been for the new league that was discussed. DePaul will struggle. And those big east bb teams will really struggle when the split occurs. To me it just did not make sense to stay together as such a large league.
  6. Part of it is money. Marquette andDePaul are just two more splits to the money. If you are SAyracuse do you want to split the money 14 or 16 ways? And I think a good sign is that this is all taking so long.
  7. Look, Marquette and DePaul will not be going to the Big East. They have convinced the bb 5 to accept two football schools as replacements for VT and Miami and no hoops only schools. I think this will be a very good conference. As for which conference is the best opportunity, well, not everyone can be in the top rated conference in the country. Each school individually brings up a conference by slow hard work. You need the committment of the administration. Sometimes a little luck helps too. St. Louis has shown that committment by fan support and your new arena. I graduated from Xavier
  8. Why do you think Xavier and Dayton were upset with Richmond. Richmond is a very good addition.
  9. Travel to the east coast would be no worse than TCU or South Florida for Marquette.
  10. Basketball is much more important to Memphis. They can play football in the WAC. As for Fordham, they have done nothing since being in the A-10. They have the oldest arena in Div. 1. Their idea of committment was a $1million facelift on the building, whereas schools like St. Louis and Xavier have built brand new state of the art arenas. Bonnies could actually be ok, but Olean N. Y. is not exactly the media capital of America. Then there was the fiasco of their new welding major.
  11. Billiken Roy, very good analysis. I hope you are right about Marquette seeing the writing on the wall.
  12. You will not get Notre Dame. Also you do not want Fordham or St. Bonaventure under any circumstances. Richmond and Rhode Island are two teams with good recent success and who's administration is committed. The other two teams who should get consideration are Temple and Memphis. Perhaps replacing Seton Hall and/or Providence.
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