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  1. Utah State is not a better program than VCU, and this poster is hardly a VCU fan. You can't judge a program by just 1 season. VCU is the program that has been to the Final 4. Besides Utah State lost to a Mizzou team that proceeded to get boat raced and run off the court by a bunch of Ivy Leaguers from Princeton. Whether the Mountain West is better than the A10 is not some sacrosanct truth either. This year, yes, but over time they are very comparable, basically equals. Both are conferences that members try to leave, if they are given the opportunity. Odom's move is a lateral move, a return to his geographical roots.
  2. https://twitter.com/mid_madness/status/1640882194863345664?s=46&t=jikm5nKg-NlIUjy2c9C9zw The NIT has an all-C-USA (for this season) Final, North Texas vs. UAB, both snubbed by the NCAA Tourney Committee/Power 5 Overlord at large bid pilfer. North Texas, in particular, had an easily NCAA Tourney qualifying NET of 38. UAB had NET of 57, better than NCAA at large bid recipients 66 Arizona State and 67 Pitt. RPI? North Texas 28, UAB 49, and SLU 53, all three of which would be IN the NCAA. Of course, our Billikens were left OUT of everything.
  3. Sure SLU has competition for Caleb Love. But evidently he took SLU's call. Reading the naysayers, if we give up before we even make the attempt, we're never going to get anywhere. Again it's like at the bank, if you don't ask, the answer is always No.
  4. Again, doubtful. Those playing West of the Rockies will find a different game called in the East Coast Bus League with its Southern Spur. While the better, true basketball is played in the West, where impeding of movement is called what it actually is, a Foul, these players will have to adjust to the holds and checks that go uncalled Back East. Note how VCU encountered the Western Rule Book in its one and done NCAA appearance vs. St. Mary's, even in Albany. A VCU check on the SMC point guard in open court was actually called a foul, as was an Ace Baldwin reach. Imagine that. In contrast, VCU checked and bumped Yuri the whole game, in the open court, in plain view, with impunity. VCU plays like a boxer jabbing his opponent the whole match. Over the rounds, the physical contact takes its toll. But the refs disallowed that VCU stuff vs. SMC.
  5. M-I-A-M-I (NIL) Fight, Fight, Fight! https://www.sportingnews.com/us/ncaa-basketball/news/miami-nil-recruitment-nijel-pack-isaiah-wong-norchad-omier/o7ac30reiefjqbki57rhmgnk
  6. Will Ace Baldwin and Deloach be “moving on up” too? See today’s Richmond Times … https://richmond.com/sports/college/with-futures-uncertain-vcu-players-react-to-news-of-mike-rhoades-potential-departure/article_f5d7d9e6-cde6-11ed-81de-837a2052c72a.html
  7. Odom plays a radically different system than VCU Havoc, even with Rhoades’ modifications thereto. Time will tell if this is an upgrade, doubtful.
  8. I was wondering why this one was still dangling out there.
  9. https://twitter.com/jeff_ermann/status/1640714356219420672?s=12 Make it happen, Penn State.
  10. https://youtu.be/ho7796-au8U Do re Mi, CBC, Choosing SLU's as easy as 1-2-3️ Caleb Love- Mr. Show Me Basketball, McDonald’s All-American, 2nd ranked PG and #7 overall by 247Sports, consensus 5 Star recruit, leading scorer for UNC. SLU has a place for him.
  11. Remember the Rick Majerus post-MSU press conference with Brian Conklin?
  12. Caleb Love enters the Transfer Portal. Dare we dream? Do re mi, C-B-C, Easy as 1-2-3 ...
  13. Man, SLU came so close to beating Michigan State and advancing to the elusive Sweet 16. Yes, I remember that Friday night. We were at the arena bar watching Mizzou lose to Norfolk State, then Duke lose to Lehigh. The Billikens immediately followed and took down Memphis.
  14. St. Mary's does not have that large of a fanbase. USF, which has a larger alumni base, has played a game each season at Chase Center to sparse crowds. St. Mary's in Moraga is really close, just on the other side of the Caldecott Tunnel from Cal in Berkeley. Cal, the flagship campus of the University of California, has a large alumni base, played at the Oakland Coliseum (Oracle) Arena and filled the lower bowl when the roof was literally raised on the former Harmon Gym to make the current Haas Pavilion. College Sports is different out here. This is a Pro Sports area primarily. Cal (3-29 in '22-'23) and Stanford draw well in Hoops when they are winning. When Cal is losing, tickets to both Football and Basketball are easy to acquire.
  15. Why don't you appeal to Pope Francis? Let's see how far that gets you.
  16. That team was actually snubbed out of the NCAA, had an NCAA at large qualifying NET.
  17. https://twitter.com/gavinnewsom/status/1640095373581778945?s=46&t=jikm5nKg-NlIUjy2c9C9zw
  18. https://twitter.com/otrillmaine/status/1640158376679096321?s=46&t=jikm5nKg-NlIUjy2c9C9zw
  19. Wrong. The fact is Kalkbrenner wanted to go to college out of town. What do you not understand in that basic and well known fact? The Coach will be back next season. It is past time to hold in abeyance the oust the Coach narrative. The narrative is serving no useful purpose.
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