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  1. NCAA RPI has SLU at 12 this week. With regards to the conference tourney matchup possibilities, VCU, Rhode Island, St. Joe’s are all top 50 RPI teams. Dayton, SLU’s first conference tourney opponent is 112. https://www.ncaa.com/rankings/soccer-men/d1/ncaa-mens-soccer-rpi
  2. Offensively, a couple of different early 2000 teams: Dipsy, Davis, Jackie. Vedad, John D, W John Those were some teams that won a lot and expected to win every game, with depth of players. If you want to go back to the mid later 90’s: Leonard, Dimaria, Corbett, Mckeon (some kid named Kalish, Moriarity brothers on d) This current team has strengths in all areas of play, from Goalkeeper to backline, to wingbacks, to D-Mid, to wings, to forwards, speed, strength, size, fitness, and, they can roll out a 2nd 11 at times as needed. (and for practice/training) Maybe could add a little more efficient finishing from some of the supporting cast, transition d here and there, but they’re pretty good. Style of play is a bit different with this team. There’s a lot of experience too. Some of those past years players didn’t stay four years, Vedad, Davis, etc Yep, I’d encourage anyone who can make it out to a game, to go for it. The new buildings are essential for recruiting and player retention. The games are fun, entertaining soccer. SLU keeps adding to keep up. Chair back seats, l.e.d. scoreboards, music entertainment for kids and families, are all part of the deal at some places. Hopefully, there will be several more home games this year. i believe about 4 teams either had a loss or draw ahead of SLU in the NCAA list. If SLU can win the conference tourney, while some others drop off, they should slide into the top 10 for seeding. One game at a time, Dayton is next. And, they played SLU pretty tough the first time.
  3. SLU 3 Rhode Island 1. Rhode Island is a solid top 40 RPI team, but it was all SLU. Palazzolo returned to the defensive midfield from his knee injury two games ago, Wilkinson, who sometimes plays wing as an extra d-mid, was first sub there. Anderson, Komodi, Shterenberg up front. Schulte Murana, Keller, Niece, Vaughn Leeth, Buendia, AJ, Parker Becher, Klein SLU forced a faster pace which caused Rhode Island some challenges. Another early goal for SLU, something they have been able to do often this year. Parker making a wide run, so Vaughn (another strong game for Chandler) cuts inside and delivers to Becher for 1-0. Lots of wide play with Vaughn and Murana. Becher was taken down dribbling toward middle right side of the box. Close play. PK awarded. Keller takes it for a comfortable 2-0 halftime lead. John Klein takes advantage of the Rhode Island giveaway. Game long pressure catching up to Rhode island, for 3-0. Rhode Island was able to get one back just before the end of the game on a PK. Somehow Chase Niece was called for a foul when it appeared to be the other way around. Solid game all around for SLU, from back to to front.
  4. SLU 2 Rhode Island 1 2OT. Similar game and feel to last weekend at Rhode Island. That game, on a slow clear, Claire Ross received a nice back heel pass from Laila Rosenthal at the corner of the 18, and she buried it far side netting: In the 53rd minute in the A-10 Tourney game, Claire Ross took a deflected corner clear box to box, beating one Billiken at her own 18, and another at SLU’s 18, before beating Puricelli, low far side netting. SLU had one of its 10 corner kicks in the game. As SLU likes to do, they move everyone forward to score off of corners. Walsh bluffed a short corner and ran to center of the 18. Beach was the only player back. Neither made the play. Some of SLU’s faster players were not on the field at the time of the goal. That play has happened too many times this season. There are different ways to stop and/or slow down the play. Later, SLU equalizes when they pushed everyone forward. Bri Arthur sent a cross that found its way through traffic to Bri Halverson on the back post. In the overtime, again, SLU pushes up for corners. Hannah Friedrich to Lyndsey Heckel back post header off of the far post and in for the winner. Puricelli Houck, Stram, Heckel, Halverson Kohl, Miller Sawyer, Friedrich, Kelly Gaebe SLU started Kelly on the wing where she has been more effective, and, SLU started Friedrich in the middle, where she has been more effective. They went away from it after half time. SLU hit the crossbar twice from distance on angled passes, and couldn’t finish the rebound. Anna Lawler also headed one off of the crossbar here just after half time on a Friedrich corner: SLU played 4 attacking mids instead of 3, 1 d-mid instead of 2, much ot the 2nd half to try to find a goal. Bri Arthur once again provided quality bench minutes in the 2nd half, and in OT on right wing. Shots were 25-7. Corners 10-0.
  5. For the 2nd straight weekend, St. Joe’s has defeated VCU 1-0 at VCU. Last weekend, St. Joe’s snapped a 9 game win street for VCU. This weekend, it was as the #8 seed in the conference tourney, knocking out the regular season champions, and, #1 conference tourney seed.
  6. Isabel Burke had a solid season on the back line at Missouri St. For the 4th straight season, she was an every game starter. She was 2nd team all MVC last season. Preseason Honorable mention this season. She started every game for SLU back in her Freshman and Sophomore seasons, and, she was A-10 Rookie team. She played at the same high school as Ellie Paloucek, Maddie Pokorny, etc..the same one where SLU assistant Chris Allen coached for many years. And she played club ball at SLSG where SLU has had a lot of recruits. SLU has recruited well on the backline over the years. Right now SLU has Houck, Stram, Heckel, Halverson, Beach, Brinkman, Stureman on the back line. (3 of those players had varying injuries this season). That’s 7 players. Incoming 2022 commit Lauren Hiatt is a back line defender and defensive midfielder. 2023 Autumn Jackson is an IMG Top 150 wingback. 2023 Macy Lutz is a back line defender. Her sister Mackenzie has been very good for Dayton. (had a strong game vs SLU this season) SLU is recruiting a couple of elite 2024 backline defenders out of Kansas City. Top level, Power 5 school competition for both of them. There are a few elite ones from Stl as well. 2025 has several local LFA backline defenders that played in the GA National Semifinals this summer. Mizzou landed one of the best local backline defenders in the 2023 class (top 100 player, and, good friend of Autumn Jackson) There are others too. So, recruiting never stops. It starts with U13 players and goes through U19. SLU targets specific players, gets in early and battles. They win some recruiting battles, they lose some recruiting battles. They do not simply get whomever they want. They are not at that level in recruiting. But they keep getting more and more competitive, and, they have the attention and interest of some of the very best players in the region. Transfers happen, yes. SLU has landed some good ones too. MSU’s team wasn’t super strong this season. (They were good last year.) MSU was a game that SLU did everything but win this season. Their coach (Rob Brewer) is retiring. He’s the only coach they have ever had since 1996. I expect his assistant, who is also a regional ODP coach, to take over the program.(Kirk Nelson) So that means Nelson gets a lot of contact with some very good ODP players in the region that helps their recruiting. He has some U.S soccer experience too. We’ll see. MSU recruits the local area and region. Hailey Chambliss, is both a club and high school teammate of SLU commit Hannah Smith. Nice player. Also Joey Fosnow from KC Athletics committed there. Riley Smith from Kansas Rush took a visit there recently. Kirk Nelson has really been recruiting the region. Loyola Chicago was the top team in the MVC this season. I’d say about 5 of the 9 MVC schools recruit the locally area often. Isabel has had a good, steady, solid, college soccer career at SLU and MSU.
  7. Some 2022 SLU commit updates: End of a High School Career for 2022 SLU commit Lauren Hiatt, as her high school team fell in the AAA Tennessee State Semifinals. They were seeking their 3rd straight state title. Strong season all across the backline and defensive midfield for Hiatt. (Played a lot of left back). Up next is November ECNL Club ball with her TSC team. 2022 SLU commit Becca Wolterman, a goalkeeper, recorded a shutout (14.5 shutouts on the season so far) to win her team’s Ohio D-II District Championship. They advanced to the Regional Semifinals (Round of 16) next week. After the season she will play club ball with Ohio Elite in ECNL. 2022 SLU commit Taylor Krueger, a Central Attacking Midfielder and sometimes Forward, plays Oregon 6A State Round of 32 play this weekend. She and her team are seeking their 4th straight state title. They are the top seed despite having their 76 game win streak snapped recently. After the season, she will play club ball with Crossfire United. 2022 SLU commit Hannah Smith a Forward and Wing, is 7-2 thus far in U18/19 ECNL Midwest Conference Play. She and her SLSG club team play Sporting Blue Valley in Kansas City this weekend. 2022 SLU commit Ellie Paloucek, a midfielder, and her U18/19 Sporting Stl Red Devils team, are 7-0-2 in Girls Academy, Frontier Conference league play, thus far.
  8. You’re trying way too hard. 1) I didn’t post a link to my own tweet, of information, I received from somewhere else. 2) The information in my post is from the people involved. 3) Head on out this Saturday. Kickoff is at Noon at Creve Coeur Park.
  9. Aaron Heard, of St. Louis City SC Academy, was invited to next week’s U17 National Team Camp. Central Attacking Mid that can play box to box, create, score etc… He previously played with a good Bethesda (suburban D.C.) program before playing at Philadelphia Union Academy, which has had some Academy success. (He’s only 14)
  10. Good finish to a great, complex career. Defensive Mid, Attacking Mid, Forward. Repeatedly big in big games. Perhaps less consistent at other times in her career. She had to work to add some things to her game over the years that didn’t come naturally. And she did that. Some of her well documented conflicts were self created, and perhaps some of her work ethic was often with a camera around. But whatever it takes to have success varies, and she had a lot of that, and deserves the on field accolades of an all timer. I liked seeing some of the younger players get an opportunity as well.
  11. Nope. Repeat offenders passing off other people’s information as their own. But I’d like to keep this thread about Men’s Soccer.
  12. I see ethics is still evading you two. But self promotion is alive and well.
  13. It’s literally in the link the team provided in their tweet hours earlier.
  14. Good for Kristo. Why not just say it and reference the team’s release? And since you attached a tweet, why not simply hit the retweet button when the team released it this morning?
  15. SLU is 10th in this week's United Soccer Coaches Rankings. As expected, Pittsburgh and Clemson moved down out of the top 10 making some room for SLU. https://www.ncaa.com/rankings/soccer-men/d1/united-soccer-coaches
  16. Klein was also on the College Soccer News Team of the Week. https://collegesoccernews.com/college-soccer-news-mens-national-team-of-the-week-week-ending-october-24-2021/
  17. I'm going to go ahead and put this article here as its Women's Soccer related. Kansas City Women's NWSL is building a new 11k with room for seating expansion, privately funded stadium, for $70 Million along the downtown riverfront. They are also building a new privately funded practice facility for $15 Million. https://grantwahl.substack.com/p/kansas-city-nwsl-team-announces-womens The suburban MLS Mercy Park was built 10 years ago, for $200 Million, and has hosted dozens of Men and Women's International games. At the youth level, Sporting KC boys academy is very good, often having some.of the highest rated youth players nationally. (They recently had wins over Stl City) In girls soccer, KC Athletics won the U15 National Championship in ECNL this summer. Their U17 is undefeated dominating the league this fall. (SLU commit Ashley Koch (was also recruited by many Big Ten Big 12 SEC ACC etc schools), plays on that team. SLU's Sophia Stram also played there. SLU is battling some heavy hitters for a few of the 2023/2024 players. SLU lost a recruiting battle recently for a midfielder to Oklahoma St. Caroline Kelly, Bri Halverson also played KC club ball. Sporting Blue Valley is a good program switching from girls academy to ECNL. Two of their players play on the U17 national camp this fall. One is headed to Arkansas who just won the SEC for the 3rd straight year, and one is headed to Vanderbilt. (SLU recruited her early on) Lots and lots of strong D-1 commits from their program. SLU's Katelyn Brinkman played there. They have several commits to West Virginia, Ole Miss, 3 at Creighton, Mizzou etc...Florida. They have Freshmen at Florida St. Oklahoma St. and many more. Soccer is alive and well in KC, and, it is a big recruiting area for both SLU women and Men's Soccer. Stadium renderings:
  18. Anywhere in the top 10 is good. Few #20 RPI teams are going to be top 10 ranked teams. Rhode Island is a much better RPI game (38) for SLU this upcoming weekend. (GW has the worst RPI in the league) Louisville (29) Creighton (37) Central Arkansas (not played, 50) have all been good, top 50 non conference RPI games. SMU while ok (55) was expected to be a little bit better RPI but lost a few games recently. Memphis (81) UMKC (131) 100 plus RPI ties at home vs SIUE (no Klein) and UIC.
  19. Every new coach, generally speaking, gets 3-5 years to establish a program. Sometimes more, sometimes less depending on the situation. Ford was able to turn things around and he was able to make the NCAA Tourney in his 3rd season. He remained solid and consistent with his next two seasons, improving to league top 4 twice, 2 bubble teams landing outside of the bubble. This year's team is projected to be another bubble team, hopefully better. If SLU misses NCAA's 2021-2022, and the following year, I would not expect Ford to still be around. If he can make the NCAA Tourney one of the next two seasons, that would get him more years and time to make SLU an almost annual NCAA Tourney team. If SLU did change coaches in the next few years, that new coach would get the same 3-5 years and so forth. Coaches results vary the first few seasons, but at some point, all coaches need to establish an almost annual NCAA Tourney team to keep their job at a place like SLU.
  20. That’s right. I forgot a season. He’ll need one more season to be the most since Grawer. Overall point remains the same.
  21. The coaching discussion illustrates the point of SLU’s need for a coach that can do as many things as possible, coach, recruit, manage a program, sell, all kinds of things. It doesn’t all have to come from one person. Multiple people on a staff or in an organization can do different things. Right now, it’s Ford. He’s clearly turned things back around for SLU. He’s recruiting local players. He understands managing a program and selling. He needs to win at a higher level moving forward to get SLU on other people’s radar outside of SLU, meaning taking a multiple years bubble team to an almost annual NCaA Tourney team. Year 6 for Travis, the most of any SLU coach since Grawer. (tied with Spoonhour) SLU can do a lot of things to try to get into the Big East. One of the things they need to do is win at a higher level. Better than 4th in A-10, NCAA Tourneys etc… Less obstacles, increased budget, facilities improvements etc…all are good steps. Time to win more consistently at higher levels. Almost there. Hopefully Ford is the one that can do that. We’ll see.
  22. SLU remains at 4th Nationally in the Top Drawer Soccer poll this week. Same top 3, different order after #1 Washington’s 3-2 loss to #8 Oregon St. Georgetown moves to #1, while Marshall remains at #3. I would expect SLU to move into the top 10 in the United Soccer Coaches Poll tomorrow, with Pittsburgh and Clemson sliding out of the top 10. Some of the teams had good results. Few teams behind SLU had strong enough results to make a big leap except those closer to 20.
  23. SLU non-conference opponents: For the 2nd time in 3 seasons, Xavier has won the regular season Big East Title. (3 local starters) (Georgetown, Butler etc some good teams) Xavier and SLU opponent Purdue (in the Big 10) have had strong top 20 caliber seasons. All 5 of SLU’s Power 5 opponents have been RPI Top 100. KU has had some big ranked wins, combined with some disappointing results. Louisville was top 40 much of the season before fading a bit in the rugged ACC. Iowa piled up a strong early season record and had some heartbreaking close losses.
  24. Rhode Island 1 SLU 0 OT SLU controlled the game and had several chances. Rhode Island had few, but made a great shot off of a couple of mistakes in OT. Caroline Kelly had a strong first half on the wing. She made several good passes, including this one to Hannah Friedrich who would like the finish back: SLU had several chances dominating the final 15 minutes but couldn’t find a goal. Here Abbie Miller heads a Friedrich corner off of the crossbar that almost bounced over the line: Another cross for Miller was volleyed off of the near post. Kelly had a great chance but a good diving save and loose rebound was cleared. Rhode Island OT goal. A Heckel pass giveaway, (she had a couple of those today) turnover and pass ahead to top of box and Stram took a poor side angle, (earlier she did a nice job marking tight out to 25 yards) player and ball get behind. SLU is too slow to get to the ball for the clear and Claire Ross bends a perfect shot far side netting from 18 yards out for the winner. Stunning defeat. Earlier in the game, Rhode Island had another chance with a forced turnover at midfield from the wing. Miller, who won several midfield balls, didn’t make the play, doesn’t have the footspeed to get back, Kohl gets caught in between stopping ball and covering the open player in the middle. (Houck needs to slide over and she did) but Kohl was late to stop ball. The defense is split, Heckel drifts back too far inside the box. Shot from inside 18, nice save from Puricelli. That play happened way too many times early in the season. Friedrich had some chances she’d like back from the wing. SLU had several shots from distance just over the bar. Gaebe had some really deft touch passing around 18-25 yards. Shots were 16-6 for SLU. Corners were 8-2 for SLU. Previously SLU had gone to a mid game lineup of Friedrich inside of Kelly and Sawyer with Gaebe up top. SLU dis not try that this game. With the loss SLU loses the #2 seed to Dayton. (VCU won. the regular season title Thursday night). Puricelli Houck, Stram, Heckel, Halverson Miller, Kohl Kelly, Preusser, Friedrich, Gaebe Lots of Beach outside back rotation with Houck and Halverson (who both played good games.).
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