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  1. >Thanks Nate.. the timing yesterday was pretty ironic.. Even >I have to admit that.. lol > > >Seriously it was not more then minutes when it left Franks >mouth...then you posted. Griff, I understand the timing thing, but it's very insulting that people think I would take someone else's information like that and give it out as my own. I was listening to Frank's show yesterday for a few minutes, but turned it off after they began talking about wrestling and men grabbing each other. - Nate
  2. Scott Suggs might be getting a scholarship offer from Kansas soon. Apparently Bill Self was waiting to find out whether Brandon Rush was going to declare for the draft before offering a scholarship. Suggs also got offers recently from Vanderbilt, Colorado and Oregon. Suggs' mom told a Rivals writer that Scott would be narrowing down his list of schools by May 1. I hope I got all this right. I've been listening to Frank Cusumano's radio show for the last two hours waiting to get the info for this update. If Frank says anything else about local prospects, I'll let you know. - Nate
  3. Are there already anti-RM fans? I thought everybody loved Rick? - Nate
  4. >Cusumano said the same thing on his show just prior to his >10:25 am break today. > >You should really give him credit since he said he talked >about it on his show before you posted. > >Coincidence? C'mon now. You BOTH had the exact same thought >at the same time on the same day???!!! You don't have to believe me, but my source wasn't FC. If you look at my previous posts, you'll see that I credit the sources of info (rivals, prepstars, etc.) when I post stuff on here. Did FC say that Brandenburg really likes Florida, and UF is looking at him?
  5. >coincidently just prior to your posting. > >FYI UCLA friday OK. That's not where I got my info from. Sorry for trying to keep the board updated. - Nate
  6. >He reminds me of the a player like Chris Richards for >Florida this year, a high level recruit that blossoms on a >BCS school in the latter part of his college career. > >He won't do much for anyone for a while unless he makes a >huge leap his senior year but we'll probably hear about him >some time in the future. If Chris Richards had Brandenburg's size, running and jumping ability, he'd be one of the top five picks in this year's NBA Draft. - Nate
  7. >Nate, I would think you should have credited Frank C. with >giving you (and all the rest of his listeners) that info >since he said exactly what you reported, as a result of a >conversation he had with DeSmet's HC. I didn't hear that, if Frank said it. - Nate
  8. I just heard that new Kentucky coach Billy Gillispie was in town yesterday to take a look at John Brandenburg. UCLA might be visiting soon. Apparently JB had a good showing last weekend with the St. Louis Eagles. - Nate
  9. >Are you a member of the press club? Any chance you will >swing by the press conference today? Sorry, Nark. I can't go to the press conference. - Nate
  10. I know there's a lot of nervous people out there, especially when I get phone calls asking about whether or not St. Louis U. has scheduled a press conference. There's been a lot of misinformation out there from the start, so everyone takes sides on who and what they can believe. Do you believe Frank? Do you believe Tim McKernan? Do you believe Bernie? Do you believe anonymous internet rumors and reports? Rick Majerus would be a great hire. Problem is, it's Rick Majerus. We've already seen him have a press conference in front of the USC logo, only to change his mind. Some coaches just like the attention of being courted by schools, even if they aren't fully ready to make a move. Based on how many jobs it seems Majerus has flirted with since retiring, he might be that guy. Hopefully something gets resolved soon. The longer this drags on, the less likely it appears that it will happen. And, even if it it does happen with Majerus, there's no telling whether he'll still be the coach for the first game of the season. Even if they don't get Majerus, I hope SLU has realized that going after a big fish will generate some excitement for a program that hasn't had much to be excited about for a while. Hopefully the next target will generate similar interest, though a lot of people could be turned off after flirting with Majerus and then ending up with a Cuonzo Martin. I truly believe this program can be a big winner. There's no reason the Billikens shouldn't be going to the NCAA tournament on a regular basis. If SLU makes the commitment, it can happen. - Nate
  11. No. I'll talk to a couple people today and let you know if I hear anything. - Nate
  12. Last night Channel 5 had a picture of Rick Majerus that looks like the Billiken head logo. I couldn't find that picture, but they do look a little bit alike: http://www.activejoints.com/majerus/MajerusESPN_300.jpg = http://www.slu.edu/newslinks/slu_standards...liken_black.jpg
  13. I know some of the basketball players have gone to Hammer Bodies in recent summers to work out and get stronger. I didn't know the extent of those problems on campus, but it's a shame the school doesn't have some people who can work with the athletes in that department — instead of having to spend their own money to pay someone off campus. - Nate
  14. >When was the last time Saint Louis University appeared on >the opening page's news and headlines? It did today, thanks >to RM. The last time would have been the other day when Soderberg was fired. - Nate
  15. >I totally agree. He is a big time pick-up for SIUE. He is a >role player at D1, but an impact player at the D2 level. Williams could be an impact player at a mid-major D-1 level, too, in a couple years. There aren't many centers out there who are 7-feet tall who can run and jump like he can. He's still very raw, but he's made dramatic improvement over the last two years. He's the kind of kid a D-1 team would like to stash on the end of its bench for a couple years to see what he turns into. I don't know what his academic situation is like, but that may have scared a lot of schools away. - Nate
  16. With Shimmy's ability to recruit Illinois, she'd be a good fit with the Illini. Shimmy's done a great job with the Billikens. She's brought in some good recruiting classes despite having the same disadvantages that people claim make it difficult for the mens team to recruit. She has a vision for that program and I think she'll get it to where she wants it. Then, she'll probably leave for a better job in the Big Ten. - Nate
  17. Don't know if this has been posted before, but there was a note in the P-D today about Edwardsville's 7-footer Terrance Williams signing with Southern Illinois-Edwardsville. There was a lot of talk about scholarship offers from places like Missouri and Missouri Valley Conference schools, but this appears to be right. If Williams has the grades, he'll definitely be a player to watch for the next four or five years. - Nate
  18. >On the face of it is. Dig lower it is not. If they are >going to start budgeting overall like a top 50 program and >expand the athletic department then it is. This is an attractive job. The right coach can win here, instead of complaining about cell phone bills. I know gas prices are going up, but it doesn't cost that much to drive within an hour of St. Louis to recruit kids. - Nate
  19. >He said that one of the problems with UB's recruiting he >didn't hit the trail enough and counted on his AC's to do >most of the leg work. I hope Roy calls Frank and cries about this like he did every time I posted the same thing over the last year or so. - Nate
  20. This is an attractive job. You're the only Division I school in a good-sized market and a new arena is being built. Even though the Big Ten, Big 12 and Missouri Valley Conferences are nearby, there's talent in the area to draw from. - Nate
  21. >Nate - could they give you an explanation for the "foxhole" >mentality that is coming from SLU? Nobody seems to know what is going on. - Nate
  22. There's not much real information out there on any of this — just a lot of rumors and speculation. I was at lunch yesterday with a couple people very close to the program, and they didn't really know what was going on. - Nate
  23. >Apparently, the werewolf would only commit if he could bring >his chubby friend along. I call it a win-win. Maybe VTime will endorse offering scholarships to all of the werewolf's younger brothers.
  24. Anyone care to revisit this topic now? http://www.billikens.com/cgi-bin/dcforum/d...orum=DCForumID3 - Nate
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