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  1. I agree with most of your points Chesseman, the problem is I don't se Conf-USA staying together. I see Louisville out of here, with Cincinnati and Marquette not far behind, maybe all three to the Big East. Despite the public love, if Marquette gets an offer, they will not think twice about SLU or DePaul. Then what? Heck, we look down at the MVC but take a look at valleytalk.net, they had a poll of who they wanted and we were way behind both Butler and Western Kentucky. We may not even get an offer there. Would you prefer to stay in what is left of Conf USA, which does fall below the MVC at t
  2. I don't see the big problem with either Bradley or Evansville, both have great arenas and fan support. Both have good traditions. Bradley has had some great years and Evansville used to beat up on SLU during the MCC years. I think long term, both offer more than say Butler. Butler has had a couple of nice seasons but still don't draw all that well and were god awful in the MCC. Dayton was pretty pathetic then also. The problem with many of these scenarios is they are so short term. Most people look at who was in the NCAA the last year or two and make these dream conferences. Butler has had a
  3. I agree on that possibility as well. Instead of joining the MVC or god forbid Horizon, wouldn't there be interest in creating a new midwest basketball conference similar to the old MCC. If SLU gets left out you can bet DePaul, Dayton etc will be also. Instead of just jumping in the MVC, grab Bradley, Creighton and Evansville, Butler out of the Horizon along with Dayton, Depaul, Xavier(if they get left in favor of UC). I became a Billiken fan during the Grawer years and actually liked that conference. It's not the Big East but is sure as hell better than a watered down C-USA or MVC, Horizon e
  4. The arrogance of the ND fans that they will be choosing the teams amazes me. That being said, I am starting to feel that unless an all Catholic league is formed, SLU will be left out of any Big East restructuring.
  5. I doubt few would consider Butler and Indianapolis as a small market. That catholic requirement could be an issue though!
  6. Agreed, went to several games there in the MCC days. That was a nice arena with great fan support. UE was a good rival especially in basketball and soccer. I can think of a lot worse places to go than to play in the MVC in front of 10k. I look to Merfeld to make some noise over there. UE is one of the few MVC teams I would like to see SLU playing again.
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