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  1. C7 News and Rumors

    I haven't seen any of the facilities besides on TV. Quite frankly, I'm not too worried about facilities because Chaifetz appears to be a top-notch facility. So from a basketball standpoint, I consider Creighton and SLU to be a wash there. I guess I just have the basketball mindset. Would I ever travel to Omaha, NE to watch Xavier baseball? Unless they are playing in the CWS, no. And I prefer baseball to basketball, in general. Give me the better basketball program in the better city, where more alums reside. Travel logistics are better for St. Louis as well. In short, I value the quality of the basketball team and geography as factors 1. and 2. And, in my opinion, SLU wins with both of those factors.
  2. C7 News and Rumors

    I agree. I admit I have an A-10 bias, but if given the option between SLU and Creighton, I'd take SLU in a heartbeat. St. Louis is a superior televesion market. At this moment, I also think SLU is the better program. You play in a better conference, and are trending upwards. Creighton is decent, but isn't trending up like SLU. I travel to many Xavier road games, and I'd enjoy making a weekend trip to SLU, but Creighton/Omaha? Not so much. Besides, Saint Louis is closer.
  3. Kenny Freeze

    Let me get this straight MAObama: Xavier is a "felon-laden" program because we have a kid who cut a few classes, and a player who played too much basketball, while your stars are alleged rapists? Frease messed up, and he deserves what he got, if not more, but your ripping apart a Coach and a program for suspending a guy due to academics, and a program that reported its own violation for a player who played too much. Hardly seems "felon laden" to me.
  4. Two X freshman to transfer

    In the case of Canty, he was most likely going to be sitting behind Justin Martin (our best recruit from last year who had to sit out, and is a fantastic 6'7'' wing/shooter) and our best recruit coming in, Dez Wells. Canty would've been stuck on the bench for the rest of his career then. In the case of Latham, he was struggling academically, never played man-to-man D in high school, and was just lost in the system. I liked these guys, but it's not a blow at all IMO. I've heard rumors of Ari Stewart from Wake transferring in, and 7'4'' recruit Sim Bhullar re-classifying to 2011.
  5. Dayton vs. Xavier

    This is purely speculation, but I say 90% he stays now. Going into the tourney, I would've put it around 70/30 stay/leave. If he had a good tourney, that would of changed, but the poor performance is going to keep him fired up and determined to make a run next year. I wouldn't be shocked if he tested the waters, but I think he's back now.
  6. Dayton vs. Xavier

    Yea I've spoken with Mario a couple times about how SLU and him don't necessarily get along, but I've never gotten the details. I've always kinda wondered why. Anyways, as much smack talk has gone back and forth here, I respect SLU as a university and was a little bit upset about the Reed/Mitchell suspension. I was looking forward to the rivalry between two Jesuit schools and another strong competitor in the A-10. Hope all works out next season for you guys.
  7. Dayton vs. Xavier

    More post-season points than everyone on your team combined.
  8. Dayton vs. Xavier

    What's your beef with Mario? He consistently schedules one of the better OOC schedules in the country, and is a key piece to our RPI and SOS. I don't know him on a personal level, but have spoken with him a few times, and he's nothing but a class act. I'd just like to hear your side of the story.
  9. Dayton vs. Xavier

    He played poorly yesterday. I readily admit that. But Great showing from your star PG this season-ohhh wait.
  10. Dayton vs. Xavier

    I'm in.
  11. Dayton vs. Xavier

    The "running train" incident isn't rumor-mill, it was well documented in the STL Today. And I've personally witnessed your coach break one of X's statiscian's laptop and curse at the student section. There are two sides to every story. I'm going to keep saying this, X doesn't have angels on the team, but neither does your program, led by the king of absurd antics Rick Majerus. Anyways, you can keep your stay on your "pretend classy" high-horse while we consistently perform well year in and year out and are actually realistic about the players on our team.
  12. Dayton vs. Xavier

    According to Webster's dictionary, a Tu is an A-10 POY. You guys could really use a Tu!
  13. Dayton vs. Xavier

    I'm sorry, sexual freaks would better apply. And while they're at it, maybe they could show a little more respect for women. I know I'm just considered a troll now, but you guys shouldn't pretend like you're the epitome of class by criticizing X's players, while your own stars are suspended for "passing" around a girl. All players do dumb things, I admit that, but it's laughable how we are the "punks."
  14. Dayton vs. Xavier

    And your point? This thread was ripping X players. I find it kind of funny that you guys call X's players punks, but have a team with guys who are clearly no better. Pot calling the kettle black.
  15. Dayton vs. Xavier

    Maybe he'll "run train" on Tu.