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  1. Xavier GDT

    Where's KC? Roommates on the floor at the end please!
  2. Xavier GDT

    TO X. 62-52 4:02 left
  3. Xavier GDT

    Stupid X! Go Cody
  4. Xavier GDT

    Who's being zipped up now?
  5. Xavier GDT

    Clank clank clank!
  6. Xavier GDT

    Show me the replay- I didn't see a foul!
  7. Xavier GDT

    Good job BC! Draw that charge!
  8. Xavier GDT

    We cannot let them park under the basket ! Get rid of wells. Get tough guys!
  9. Xavier GDT

    Ok Bills- the students came out- the fans came out- the place looks awesome on tv, now let's calm down, and play the great ball we're capable of.
  10. Xavier GDT

    Did everyone find the game on CBS sports? Yes, national tv
  11. SLU v. Dayton GDT

    I'll take an ugly win anytime over a "good effort" loss. Who were those Dayton announcers? Kavitz, Cheffitz, Chavits arena? Dwight (sic) Evans? OH, and a big thank you to the Dayton coach for costing his team a chance to make a last second comeback.
  12. I cannot ever remember a public prayer before the basketball games (although the team used to have a team prayer with the priest courtside before the game) and I go back to when Rich Grawer was the new coach. I think a short tribute and the moment of silence suffices for a public venue that is not a religious service.
  13. Expectations for Tomorrow's Game?

    Won't be a blow out. But should be a sell out. The place should be rockin' and all in blue, baby! (not baby blues). I say it's going to be close but it will be a W,67-62.
  14. Spoon has passed away

    It's a very sad day, indeed. These posts have brought back such great memories! What a great coach, and even better person! I loved hearing him speak at events...great sense of humor!!
  15. Happy Birthday, sshoe!

    It's my wife's birthday as well. She goes by the name SoCalSTH, which stands for Southern California season ticket holder! We have the dubious distinction of being the season ticket holders furthest away from St. Louis!?! Crazy, but what can I say.