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  1. Go Bills!
  2. Now playing on the SLU Message board Jukebox "Cry Me A River" by Justin Timberlake...
  3. send those emails. That'll teach them! Might even get you a hall monitor job...
  4. Best line all night...
  5. lol. OK if it makes you feel better. Enjoy the rest of your dreadful season...
  6. That was the worst shooting we have had this year from 3. Best game all year? It was our worse. Weems didnt even play. Get your facts straight.
  7. lol thats funny coming from you guys. Your boardies put SLU on Kansas and Kentucky level with all your delusional talk. Where are all those championship banners? Your right we have been there before. 17-6 against you guys? Hypocrite...
  8. Here comes the excuses. Weems only played 20 mins because of the BS A10 refs and we still win by 10. Dont give me that KM crap. Sore ass losers.
  9. you guys getting all the bull**** calls and still down 3 at half. Just gonna wear you guys down from here...
  10. Just like he owned ND, Iowa St and Georgia Guess he will be the number 1 pick net year
  11. MSU was a 2 point favorite in your place before KM went down.