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  1. 2009-2010 season

    I believe this is the first year that SLU is requring every single freshman to live on campus to gain the valuable freshman experience. It could possibly have a positive effect for student turn outs, since more students will be physically closer to the chaif. Never know though.
  2. Game Thread: SLU v. Dayton

    i hear ya i have an midterm in 10 minutes and cant leave until i find out what we did
  3. Official Game Thread SLU/SJU

    good win!
  4. Official Game Thread SLU/SJU

    12 point lead! lets keep it going.
  5. Official Game Thread SLU/SJU

    4 offensive rebounds in the first half with 7 minutes to go? difference in the game now.... .all of those rebounds led to points... 2 tres and 2 field goals
  6. Bryce tonight

    out of those 8 or 9 points he had, most of them were gimmies too. he was wide open and he just had to put it off the glass for an easy dos. i cant remember if he fouled on this play or not but when dunston took a long three pointer from the top of the arch, he somehow managed to get his own rebound. that play irritated me, also the conventional three point play was pretty bad too.
  7. Tonights Student Attendance

    I completely agree with you here Roy. There is not that much school spirit around this campus at all. If an outsider came to the Xavier game though and that was the only game that person came to, he (or she) would think the exact opposite. IMO, and i could be totally off, they need to market the games better. Yes, I am completely aware they have a free shuttle and free tickets, which i have no idea why more people do not take advantage of, but for the Xavier game I think I received three or four emails telling me about the game. For the other games, I have received zero. Also, before the Xavier game there was, I guess you could call a "pep ralley" or something like that, where they were having free face painting and giving out balloons. The expenses for that could not have been that much. It would be nice if they could have that before each game at Salsaritas. All of a sudden SLU students are not going to be excited about going to games, unless some things change around here. Also, thank you for kevin and whoever backed me up tonight. If you have your own opinion about that, I cannot change it. Apparently the meaning of the word fan though is very ambiguous. If I miss a game for some reasons, I still consider myself a fan. Maybe not a die-hard fan, but a fan indeed.
  8. Tonights Student Attendance

    Actually i am in the library studying for my tax test tomorrow trying to get some updates on the game, will be at the game next wednesday against fordham though.
  9. Discussion re Husak's play

    First of all Billiken fans were mad last night. I believe Roy earlier stated that he could not sleep last night. Who wasn't mad at the end of the game, I for one was pissed off. Seeing our team come back from a defecit then have our dreams crushed by .1 seconds. If you are a true sports fan how can that now piss you off. Second of all, a rivalry between Wisconsin and Illinois is nowhere even close to a rivalry between SLU and Xavier at this point in time, hopefully in 5 years from now it will be different. Finally, comparing a program like University of Illinois to Saint Louis University is unthinkable. How many times has SLU made it to the Big Dance in the last lets say 50 years, 2000 & 1998 & 1995 & 1994 & 1957, I will also throw in the NIT victory in 1948 as an added bonus. Out of the five appearances we did make it, we won two games. The run that U of I had in the 2005 tournament, they had more wins than what we have done combined in the past 50 years. I am hoping in next ten years or so we can start to develop a basketball tradition here at SLU so we can compare ourselves to big time programs such as University of Illiniois and Wisconsin. Time will only tell if it will happen or not. But for now after looking back and reflecting on the game, yes, a sour taste is still in my mouth about the game especially since it was the number 5 play on sportcenter, we are making strides for the future. Or maybe thats a problem, everyone wants everything now now now.
  10. Discussion re Husak's play

    The loss in unacceptable? Unacceptable is being down by 16 at the first half and giving up. Unacceptable is being down by 13 at half and giving a lack luster performance to start to the second half. Unacceptable is being down by 9 with 2 minutes to go and not stepping up and carrying a team on your back. Those situations are unacceptable, and none of them happened. These kids played their heart out to a top 15 Xavier team who has more depth, more playmakers, and more talent person for person. Yes, I admit it took awhile to get over this loss last night. Looking back on it, how can you not tip your hat off to the players who played their asses off scrapping for each point they got. I can only remember a couple fast breaks for easy buckets. Hopefully this game will slowly start to reenergize the student body so they can be excited to go to a billiken game. To the players, thank you for a great game and for never giving up.