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  1. Ace, I'm not trashing Eckerle. He will have a solid career at a NAIA school. There is nothing wrong with that ! RM is bringing in better players next year and Paul won't get many minutes. Go where you can play !
  2. Brianstl, With half the students gone for the break at Mizzou it wasn't bad . SLU can't draw in a major city ! You put Mizzou's team in SLU's place and the Scottrade is packed each game ! SLU has to score more than 30 at the half before people start spending money ! Paul will be at a NAIA school next year. It will be good for him.
  3. Majerus Magic, Paul will probably be playing NAIA ball next year. That's pretty straight forward !
  4. It's clear to me that you don't know the game ! Eckerle hopefully is weighing his options for next year. I think McKendree would be a good fit for him !
  5. Doug Wallace is NOT a DI prospect !!!! STLinsider, stop it with this crazy statements, please ! You also said Anthony James is a DI prospect too. I've watched that kid play twice this year and he would have a hard time making UMSL's team ! You are going to loss all credibility talking like this. You go from saying that Harris Stowe has a good program and they haven't had a winning season in 25 years to Doug Wallace being a DI prospect . It's good that this is only a hobby for you !
  6. Anyone that knows the game SHOULD tell you that Relphorde and Mitchell should be playing over Luke Meyer ! Some of you would rather lose with subpar players rather than win with the players that should be playing. Oh , I almost forgot that I'm in St.Louis. That explains everything. I'm sorry !
  7. Jimbofive, You are truly funny. Those pictures are hilarious ! Man, if you knew the game of basketball you would be dangerous!
  8. Ace, I didn't know that you HAD to be a SLU fan to comment on this board. I'm a basketball fan that speaks the truth ! I've never said we referring to SLU. You are a SLU fan that's being unrealistic !!!!
  9. SLU beat a bad SIUC team and now RM is transforming his team ? They're supposed to beat SIUC !
  10. Brianstl, It seems to me that you are a bit jealous of V-Time Maybe he can help you get accepted to the same street agent apprentice program . I'm sure you would like that very much !!!
  11. Band Man, Thank you very much for informing me about the coaching opportunities ! I'm glad that me telling the truth has generated so much response. I will have to pass on the CYC job. You might want to contact Brad S. He sure knows talent when he sees it !
  12. Romar would have this current SLU team playing better basketball !
  13. Billiken Roy, With you having 14,030 posts I think you have some clue on what it takes to be a DI player. You know deep down that KL and LM would not have been recruited by RM.
  14. You are correct ! Someone needs to get this information to LM ASAP !!!!