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  1. http://www.philly.com/philly/sports/20110325_No_surprise__Explorers__erratic_talent_Murray_opts_to_transfer.html That article isn't going to help him find a school that wants him.
  2. St Joe's up 58-50 with 13 minutes left. Is Martelli's job in jeopardy at St Joe's?
  3. Bills with Reed and Mitchell

    Yep, I said NCAA team. Guess I was right.
  4. Former Billiken Marcus Relphorde

    You went out on a limb on that one big guy.
  5. Former Billiken Marcus Relphorde

    Bump. Nice win over Texas today. Back on the NCAA bubble.
  6. Quinton Chievous

    I read on another site that he has a academic issues and will probably be going to prep school.
  7. GDT - Bonnies

    You have plenty of posts on this site.
  8. GDT - Bonnies

    One of my daughter's is "delusional". Some of your posts worked really well.
  9. GDT - Bonnies

    Last I checked, St Bonnie isn't graduating many guys and has some good players coming back. The Bills ain't going to blow them out by 30 next year. They'll be luck to win.
  10. GDT - Bonnies

    You're dreaming if you think that is going to happen.
  11. Quinton Chievous

    Recent article on Chevious. Says SLU is the potential frontrunner.. http://ilprepbullseye.com/Chievous_Recruitment.html
  12. Bills with Reed and Mitchell

    LOL. Oops, forgot about that one. I did say that after they were 3-0 in the Big 12. My initial statment was that they would be competitive.
  13. Bills with Reed and Mitchell

    My exact quote was "They will be competitive in the Big 12 this year".
  14. Bills with Reed and Mitchell

    I said they'd be competetive in the Big 12. And they are.
  15. Bills with Reed and Mitchell

    This thread is hilarious. People talking about the Bills being ranked and going 20-3. Seriously delusional fans.