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  1. Board Tone

    get a life, puny. get a comprehension of the english language while you're at it, or just get some crayons and a coloring book or 2, and avoid any keyboard. you thought your exercise regimen was meaningful to whom? wow! 5'6! your avatar looks like something swiped from tom cruise in "risky business." now, to those who matter. Rich and Roy, one of you at least would like to see the resumption of a series with UC. i'd like to see that too. Roy, i actually stopped by to challenge the SLU gridiron all-stars to a game against the UC hoopsters. it'd be 11 on 5, but UC would still win by a few TDs. men, it's hell to be ranked #3 in the country, and staring down tebow in the Sugar Bowl. steve and thicks, and 72, thnx for always being good sports. oh, and Roy, let me know how many UC/Sugar Bowl tees you'd like. best for the holidays to Billikens everywhere. g
  2. Board Tone

    howdy brother Thicks. my best wishes to you and yours, as well as to all the good guys i've already engaged. it is of zero comfort to me to read about high schoolers repeating the idiocy of foregoing generation. a joyful Christmas to you and yours. go Billikens, in all things except confrontations with UC. be well, g
  3. Board Tone

    i hope you are referring to seeing me under the Sorin statue, and not my youngest. i've got a file somewhere of all the the pix sent to me when i was inebriated. my girls started a facebook thingy for me; they called it "defacement book." i threatened a lawsuit against them and made them take it down. again, best to you and yours Joe. know what they call a phony SLU fan? a counterfeit Bill.
  4. Board Tone

    my favorite opposing team admin. are we still opposing anythings? let me guess; it was intercepted and never attempted again. but yeah, the Bearcats are inclined towards the occasional downfield toss. i bought my way onto that eminently forgettable fashion abomination. good. keep him. west of the gateway arch preferably. i saw that. i reckon that contributed to my resurrection here. taj old dog, happy b-day. thnx Steve. just keep that '72 goof away from my skyline stash. good luck billikens!
  5. Board Tone

    been awhile ladies and gents. hey, youse guys start football, we'll put you on the schedule. i read this thread and wondered "who the heck is pushing this train wreck?" just pondering; how did this board accumulate the detritus of juvenile maunderings boards? once upon a time, there was nothing here but the best and the brightest a jesuit education offered. where did all the old-timers go? glad that gruehls the youngest isn't exposed to such effrontery any longer! on a serious note, best holiday wishes to all of my once-upon-a-time SLU friends. run the table in that league with XU.
  6. Team makeup

    thread title: team makeup. lancome: manufacturer of makeup. still cheering for the 'cats. who'd a thought a few years ago that UC would have bragging rights in football, and the domers would have them in hoops? hope all is well slu. my apologies to the board for hijacking the thread.
  7. Team makeup

    hello joe. what do you know? i regret to inform you that my "SLU daddy" status terminated at the end of number 2 son's freshman year, after which he transferred to the land of the golden dome. as for the "who's your daddy" jokes, i'd steer clear; slu72 still doesn't know the answer.
  8. Team makeup

    howdy roy. rumors of my demise were greatly exaggerated, and so on and so forth.
  9. Team makeup

    i saw this thread title, i saw you initiated it, and i figured you were on here shilling for lancome.
  10. hey bonwich, or...

    thnx b&w.
  11. hey bonwich, or...

    thnx guys. appreciate the input.
  12. ...other knowledgeable st.louis denizens, any thoughts on a good restaurant for a young slu student on valentine's day? much appreciated.
  13. Gruehls Sighting

    >Forget the tires, after them folks down in FL sold their >park for a cool half a bil, we here at the Pearly Gates >dumped our grounds off to Waste Management for a quick $7.50 >each. Course, now we got to hit the road and find us some >new digs. West Va's high on our list. Getting too crowded >down here in Dixie. All 'dem damn Yankees from places like >Cincinnati, Cleveland, Detroit....man can't hardly breathe >any more w/o running into a Yankee. Every time I see a Uhaul >trucking on down I26, makes me want to vomit. I'll get you >the address. You need a refill on any of them BBQ sauces, or >you still having colon problems from the last batch? well dang; how long did you live in columbus? last i checked, that was north of here. shoot me the address and we'll meet online at high noon on a date to be determined, to exchange our respective culinary demands. quickdraw, glad someone picked up on the dr. seuss reference.
  14. Gruehls Sighting

    >"Whose you're daddy now, Porridge Boy?" > >Geez, this ranks right up there with "Who's house? SLU's >house." Well, at least this is on a private message board, >and isn't officially endorsed by the U. by using it in a >public advertisement. (I used to think literacy mattered at >a Jesuit university. .) 72 disproves many educational concepts. one or both of you must be a fan of teddy geisel.
  15. Gruehls Sighting

    >Been on a little trip, not LSD, as Billikan would like to >believe. My question is, was Porridge Boy wearing a Billiken >sweat, "I'm a Billiken Daddy"? Whose you're daddy now, >Porridge Boy? I'm guessing the Bursar's office. By the way, >Ghruelsy, I'd like another triple shot of those Skyline >cans. I'll pay the shipping and handling. all your trips were short and strange. skyline heading your way pal. shoot me an address at gruehlmann@cinci.rr.com. figure out how to re-inflate the trailer tires yet?