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  1. Jealous of SLU?

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but (as I recall) the original plan was for 13Kish. The problem is that would have involved building a secong tier and added a great deal of cost to a building that was already way behind in fundraising.
  2. Jealous of SLU?

    roy, I disagree. IMO the biggest factor was the success of the program and the appeal of the conference. I think that the new Kiel was also a major factor in our attendance. The Blues were doing well and were a hot ticket. The Rams were already here is 1995. We were drawing well with Hughes 2 years after that, so I don't think that was the case. Having games against the likes of Memphis State, Louisville, Cincy and DePaul made us a worthwhile investment for season tickets in the eyes of more casual fans...not to mention walk up crowds. I'm with you on the dome games. However, it was nice to see us beat Illinois that night. The fact that they lost the neutral location game to us means they'll probably never play us in St. Louis again.
  3. OT: Another Bonwich at SLU

    Congrats to your family. AMDG.
  4. OT: NFL Playoffs, who do you like?

    What's your deal with the Steelers? I liked them when I was a kid. The Cardianls were my team, but VERY hard to watch.
  5. Jealous of SLU?

    Fordham has St. Johns, while we have SIUE. IMO, in the big east coast cities there is a lot more interest in pro sports than in college sports. When you have a track record like Fordham is has to be tough. I think they drew 500 fans for their first game in the Meadowlands.
  6. Jealous of SLU?

    Fordham has St. Johns, while we have SIUE. IMO, in the big east coast cities there is a lot more interest in pro sports than in college sports. When you have a track record like Fordham is has to be tough. I think they drew 500 fans for their first game in the Meadowlands.
  7. Everything points to Green Bay winning this game, which is almost enough to push me towards Chicago. But not quite. I also don't see Pittsburgh losing this time around. Going with home teams bucks the trend for these playoffs, but that's how I see it right now. Green Bay vs. Pittsburgh would be an old-school super bowl. Any thoughts?
  8. OT: Professional Soccer in St. Louis

    Skip, soccer has a long way to go, but I agree that it will continue to improve in popularity. No sport has ever started out with immense popularity. I think the expectations for MLS were a little ambitious at its inception, but they have corrected a lot of that over the years. The Jim Rome-esque "soccer sucks" types are pretty silly IMO.
  9. OT: Professional Soccer in St. Louis

    I was simply quoting the article that I posted. If you have a problem, take it up with the author. The article was about failed soccer teams in St. Louis. There has been a long history of that over the past 35 years or so. That is a fact you simply can't refute. In fact, you've cowered away from addressing it. You are the one making comparisons to the EPL and Continental Basketball Association, etc. I didn't do that in this thread. I simple answered a question that clock tower had about MLS. Talk about groundhog day. You can't pay attention whatsoever. To your point in this post. Soccer does lack popularity in terms of ratings. I don't see how you can dispute that. It may be slowly improving, but it's still not very good. You sound like the girl who thinks she's very good looking but doesn't get asked out on many dates..."I am good looking and popular!!!!" You are the one who absolutely contradicts himself throughout this thread. You have provided very little in the way of facts to support anything. You set up rules for others to follow and don't follow them yourself. You compare to other sports and quote other threads, but no one else can! My self esteem is quite good. Good enough, in fact, to let you have the last word on this if you like. It will be another load of garbage anyway.
  10. OT: Professional Soccer in St. Louis

    Hey ace, "who is Craig Upchurch?" Here's another famous ace question: "who is Orlando Stewart?" I love it when ace enlightens us all with of his SLU basketball wisdom, especially since he knows so much of our history. After more than 10 years on this board ace is still washing and waxing Mr. Miyagi's cars.
  11. OT: Professional Soccer in St. Louis

    at 12:52 I was answering your question, after you strayed from the topic. Can't count that one either. I do appreciate how hard you're trying, though. so you can reference other sports, other threads, etc. but no one else can. I get it. You did exactly what I led you to do...absolutely contradict yourself by doing exactly what you were whining about. You're just like a puppet. Stay on topic! Hey, I like soccer quite a bit. I just have a more realistic view of it's popularity in this country. Sorry I stepped on your blue suede sambas.
  12. OT: Professional Soccer in St. Louis

    Wait a minute! Now you're wandering off to other threads! Which rules are you following here? Oh wait, you don't have to follow the rules you set up! Of course I've posted about lack of interest in other threads. The lack of of interest is noted by poor ratings. That can't really be disputed.
  13. OT: Professional Soccer in St. Louis

    Hmmm, you are arguing against claims that I haven't made. Show me where I posted anything about interest in MLS in this thread, other than a lack of interest from investors to pay the expansion fee? You should really stick to the topic and quit taing shots at statements that I haven't made. I DID post that it would be hard for a team to succeed financially based on the expansion fee, but that's a different point. Keep trying. You're getting closer.
  14. OT: Professional Soccer in St. Louis

    Not quite. I posted a link to an article that mentioned both. Blame the author if you like, not me. Then you went on to talk about EPL, minor league basketball, etc. Quit jumping around so much. And, sorry, soccer can be a topic in and of itself. Soccer in St. Louis can be a topic. The failings of several teams over the past 35 years can be a topic as well. Again, clock tower brought up MLS, not me. I didn't compare MLS with any other leagues in my first two posts. That's your thing. Nice try, though.
  15. OT: Professional Soccer in St. Louis

    I'm having trouble following you in this thread, with all of your jumping between the EPL, Continental Basketball, major and minor league baseball, etc. I started this thread about St. Louis soccer and then answered a question about MLS from clock tower. Why don't you stick to the topics and quit jumping around?