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International players

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have had increasing success in the NBA but they've also been making hay in the NCAA, especially outside of the power conferences. Valpo had three foreign starters alone last year! Some stats from the 2002-2003 season:

Prosper Karangwa, Siena (Canada) 16.6 ppg 6.4 rpg

Raitis Grafs, Valparaiso (Latvia) 16.5 ppg 5.9 rpg

Kirk Penney, Wisconsin (New Zealand) 16.2 ppg 6.0 rpg, 45% 3pt

Amit Tamir, California (Israel) 14.9 ppg 6.5 rpg

Stalin Ortiz, Valparaiso (Colombia) 13.6 ppg 5.6 rpg

Rafael Araujo, BYU (Brazil) 12.0 ppg 8.9 rpg

Lazare Adingono, Rhode Island (Cameroon) 11.8 ppg 4.4 rpg

Gabriel Mikulas, East Carolina (Argentina) 11.4 ppg 5.8 rpg

Jan Jagla, Penn St. (Germany) 9.3 ppg 6.8 rpg

Velimir Radinovic, Ohio St. (Canada) 9.3 ppg, 6.1 rpg

Ian Crosswhite, Oregon (Australia) 9.3 ppg 42% 3pt

Joaquim Gomes, Valparaiso (Angola) 9.2 ppg 5.6 rpg

Hopefully our guys will continue that trend.

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