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Good news.

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Good news, on the new server you can now e-mail each other simply by clicking the little e-mail icon in the upper right hand corner of messages. (If you hold your mouse over the icons, they will tell you want they do eventually (if there is any confusion)).

ALSO. I think Private Messages work well. I know I have said this about a thousand times over the past year. But maybe this is it!!! (crossing fingers).

Also, my little anchored topic about registration, it would be appreciated if no one replied to it (I removed the replies (and to the thank you's, your welcome). This is so it takes less space (in terms of screen) and it can still be anchored so visitors who return to Billikens.com (when they realize it is actually up again).

As for the main site, that may not get back to looking normal for a few weeks (end of high school and I don't think it is a high priority for people to know who had the most steals of the 1988 Billikens, if it is, e-mail me, I will help you out, ;) ).

So lets just think of the past month as a little coma for Billikens.com, and it is getting its strength back over the next few weeks).

That is all from the desk of Steve, if you have any registration problems. Hollar, I have everyone's old passwords printed out, and I can register you pretty quickly (I would do all of them, but that is 232 Registrations, and, yeah... That isn't happening).


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