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Yuri and Perkins

Old guy

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As you have heard I can engage in stat analysis capable of providing answers to questions. This is why I analyzed Yuri's stats and Perkins stats. I think the results are interesting and should be presented to the board. First of all, let's talk about the similarities between these two players. They are both key players in the team, and both have ambitions to become professional basketball players. Let's check the stats, which are different for both players.

Yuri first. I have divided the stats for Yuri into two groups: the winning games, and the losing games prior to Drake. Only the average of the relevant stats for these games are shown below:

Won games prior to Drake (Murray, Evansville,Memphis, Providence, Paul Quinn, TN St., SIU) , and lost games prior to Drake averages:

            Won Games             Lost Games                     Drake
FT/FGA      4-9 (0.444)            4.5-13 (0.346)                 6-12  (0.500)
FT/FTA       2.375-3.375 (0.703)       4-5 (0.800)                       3-3    (1.000)
Assists          13.25                  5.75                                   9
Rebounds    3.5                          2.75                                   3
Turnovers         2.675                       5                                         2
Pts/game     11.875                        13.25                                17
Looking at just the stats, it appears that there are two different Yuris playing for the Bills. The Yuri that plays in the games we win has a lot more Assists and less turnovers than the Yuri that plays in the games we lose. It could be said that the Yuri that played against Drake was the one with many assists and few turnovers.
Perkins second. The issue with Perkins is that he played reasonably well and reasonably productively until he hit a wall at the SIU game and then played 3 awful games (SIU, Iona, and Boise). Looking at the stats he had played a poor game against Auburn 19 min of play with only 4 pts, 2 of which were FTs. He did reasonably well in the Tenn St. game but really went off the rails for the next 3 games. The Drake game was a game when Perkins again played at the level he had been playing before, his FG/FGA was still on the low side but he managed to play 25 minutes and make 13 pts, which was a welcome change.
How can we explain Perkins stats? In my opinion Perkins probably overdid the training and recovery exercises for a while. Doing this is a known cause of functional regression for people recovering from a major injury. I think the week of rest between Boise and Drake helped him a lot. However, if he overdoes the training we may have further functional regressions in his ability to play.
I know this is NOT what you want to hear but it is what the numbers say.


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