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Midtown Madness: Episode 8: Nesbitt and Willams Commit, Transfer Portal, Softball Perfect Game, WSoccer Keeps Rolling

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  • Men's Basketball: Jordan Nesbitt and Rashad Williams Commit, Transfer Portal swells to over 1,000 names
  • Women's Basketball: Rachel Kent enters the portal
  • Men's Soccer: Duquesne, Dayton and St Bonaventure Recaps
  • Women's Soccer: Duquesne Recaps
  • Softball: Chloe Wendling's Perfect Game
  • Baseball Update
  • Volleyball Update

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We recorded the majority of this episode on Sunday night, we had heard the rumblings about the big news coming down the pipe at 10:30, we debated recording a Nesbitt segment just in case but we were nervous we'd jinx it. We decided to go ahead and record just before the National Championship and release this morning. You'll notice a segment, post Nesbitt commitment talk where we discuss Nesbitt being in the portal. Funny part is between recording sessions I upgraded to a new macbook air so if you watch on youtube you can see the difference in quality of my video when we transition from Rashad Williams to Jordan Nesbitt.

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