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Atlantic 10 Tournament Scouting Report

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One thing that seems almost lost amidst all the focus on the Coronavirus is the amazing scouting report that has been issued by two of SLU's basketball managers.

This has been referenced briefly in other threads, but it seems to warrant more focus.

M&G Analytics has been formed by SLU basketball managers, @eddiemaruggi and @matt_godar.

Perhaps what's best about their detailed 28-page scouting report is the way it provides links to videos of each A-10 team, focusing on offensive and defensive sets. These are now all available on the M&G Analytics Youtube channel! Behind the scenes, SLU's assistant coaches and managers obviously do a lot of work analyzing film, and they seem to have made their scouting reports and video summaries available to everyone.

For example, here is a four-minute video summary of St. Bonaventure's offensive sets and plays ... Bonnie's defense is here.

Here is a four-minute video summary of Dayton's offensive sets and plays ... Flyer's defense is here.

If there is an upset, or if you just want more scouting reports, similar information is available for each A-10 team, using links on the scouting report.

Thankfully, the SLU managers seem not to have posted the scouting report of the Billikens, or video of SLU's offensive and defensive sets, etc.

Pretty awesome stuff!


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