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  1. I don't dispute that being in NYC is good for the A10. Although it will ultimatley fall behind the Big East and the ACC if they decide to go there, it's still better than AC. Playing the A10 tourney in NYC has little to do with Fordham. I think anybody can see that. Now will you please give up your Fordham is awesome because Tom Brokaw spent an hour there line?
  2. What have you done to prove that Fordham is worth a sh!t in basketball? This is the most pathetic argument I've ever read. One win over St. Johns with a local announcer on hand doesn't change the fact that they were outdrawn by Central MO 2 years ago. Do yo ucare to address that? BTW, you were right about Grawer and year 4. I was off by 1 in my recollection. Not that it has anything to do with Fordham.
  3. Did any of this put Forham in the top 100 in terms of attendance? 150? 200? This is doing very little to persuade me that people care about Fordham. I'm more interested in the fact that Central Missouri had better attendance than Fordham 2 years ago. I'll admit that I'm not sure if any of the NY Knicks announcers went to any Central Missouri games. However, the fact that a couple of local media types showing up at 1 game has convinced me that Fordham is America's team. I guess the fact that the Knicks held an open practice there means that Fordham is really important and not that they
  4. You might want to check your facts about Rich Grawer's first winning season at SLU.
  5. Addressing the rest of your post... U2 also did a concert a Graham Chapel at Wash U once upon a time. Who cares about Fordham's commencement speakers?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! Do Brian Willimas and Tom Brokaw go to basketball games? Wall Street 2 was filmed at Fordham? Wow, Escape from New York was filmed in St. Louis. I guess we're even. Digger phelps left Fordham for greener pastures? Good for him. I can't believe you didn't mention that Lou Gehrig went to Fordham in the teens. Shame on you! Matt Damon? Wow. When I think of Matt Damon I always think basketball. Vince
  6. I know a couple of Fordham grads. No, I've never been to a game there...along with 99.99999% of the rest of the world. There were 6 D2 and 1 D3 team that outdrew Fordham 2 years ago.
  7. Sorry for the mistake. I thought the games were at MSG, but I typed "meadowlands" by mistake. Mea culpa, my bad. I was only pointing out that nobody went to see Fordham at the Meadowlands when they played there. A very bad idea. The fact is that very few come to see Fordham at Rose Hill. As I pointed out in another post Fordham aveaged about 2600 fans per game a two years ago. Either way St. Johns is driving the local interest. I sincerely apologize if I offended a true Fordham fan. They are truly one of the great programs in the nation.
  8. I couldn't fins last year's attendance numbers, but from the previous year Fordham's average attendance for home games was about 2,600. If you want to nitpik at "nobody" cares about them, fine. Can we agree on "almost nobody"?
  9. So Vin Scully is going to help lead Fordham to glory?
  10. "very wrong"? After beating St. Johns, Fordham had a couple of sellouts in their 3470 capacity gym. Isn't that about the size of UMSL's gym? How many tickets did they sell for their games over in the meadowlands? No offense, but "success" at Fordham has to be put into context. The reason Fordham is playing St. Johns at the Meadowlands for 3 years is because of St. Johns, not Fordham. It's a good local interest novelty act. MSG has 2 really good home teams and a pretty good one with St. Johns. There's not much room for Fordham there.
  11. Fordham doesn't play at MSG because of the Knicks, Rangers, and THEN St. Johns. And then there's the fact that nobdy cares about Fordham.
  12. What is worse, Maryland's uniforms or their performance against Temple?
  13. Rhode Island hasn't been to the Big Dance since 1999 and has only been 8 times total. UMass hasn't been to the big dance since 1998 and has also only been 8 times. While UMass does have a final 4, I still think both of those teams fall into mid-major status. I might not have said that in the '90s, but time has passed.
  14. I don't think you can consider the MAC to be anything but mid-major for basketball. Football doesn't really matter, although the BCS conferences are certainly not mid majors. IMO, if a conference isn't getting 3 or more teams to the big dance year in and year out they're mid-major. There are certainly very good teams that happen to be in mid-major conferences like Butler, Gonzaga, Memphis. Just my opinion.
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