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  1. Has' with the good bucket, but they answer. 37-30. PERKINS!!! Holy crap, what a dunk, but they answer again. Still down 7.
  2. That was a great set by them to start the half. Down 9.
  3. Great play by JGood there, really needed that. 26-20.
  4. JGood turnover. JGood just doesn't have it. Perkins will have to carry us.
  5. We fall down, turn it over, can't shoot, down 8. We're not good. Embarrassing.
  6. Our O is relying on Yuri to shoot threes. Won't work.
  7. JGood airball from 15'. We're down 4 with MSU to shoot an and one. Just a shame that we can't shoot.
  8. Offense is bogging down. Tied at 7. Perk has missed two threes. Probably time to see if Jimerson has the hot hand.
  9. Turnover JGood, c'mon guys cut out the sloppy stuff.
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