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  1. Ballgame!! We’ve got to beat the Bonnies.
  2. Spiders up 9 at the under 4. That midget Dunn-Martin keeps knocking down 3s to keep them in it.
  3. Impressive drive and reverse layup by Nathan Cayo extends Richmond’s lead to 11 at the under 8.
  4. slu72 and I were at the Davidson game and his comment here is spot on. I watched him shoot 20 or so FTs in warm-ups and he made at least 70% with either 8 or 9 in a row going in at one point. His shot then looks nothing like it does in a game. He looked a basketball player shooting those shots with some lower body motion and coordination between the upper and lower body movements. In a game, he looks like he's lobbing a shot put with a wrist flick at the end. No leg motion and his body is frozen in place. One of the oddest things I've seen is the difference in his form in practice vs. a game.
  5. Terrific defensive performance in the second half. Early on, Perkins scored to put us up 33-32. After that, Mason's next 10 possessions went like this: turnover, turnover, turnover, turnover, turnover, turnover, missed shot, made 1FT, turnover, missed shot. That's 7 turnovers and 1 pt. in 10 possessions. As far as that goes, the next 3 possessions saw a made basket and 2 more turnovers. By the end of that we're up 45-35 and it's basically ballgame.
  6. Play of the game was TJ knocking down the triple. He could be so good.
  7. Looks like we'll get our 10+ road victory margin. Happy with the win, but if I'm the committee watching this, I say we didn't pass the eye test.
  8. Bonnies win by 16. Fordham get the road win over GW!!! Happy for the hapless Rams.
  9. JGood and one opportunity at 1:23. Misses, Up 11
  10. 1:28, our ball, up nine. We take a timeout as we couldn't get it in.
  11. 1:43 Locomotive to shoot two. Makes two, up 11
  12. Misses first, what is going on? Makes second.
  13. Mason 6 pts. the first 13 mins of the half. 14 pts. over the next 3 minutes.
  14. That's a 10-2 bad guy run. Why is nothing ever easy?
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