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  1. Talk about gutting out a win. Say what you want, but Yuri is my player of the game. Smallest guy on the team and he put the team on his back and carried them through the first half. Forget the five turnovers, he played balls to the wall. Others had big moments, but no Yuri, no win. Slu72 called it about Yurimania!!
  2. Glad the 9th team foul came on a shooting foul. Oh well, Linssen misses the first, makes second. Has' in 2:49 to go.
  3. Get the rock to Javonte for drives and FTs. C'mon Bills!!
  4. JP has two at the line with the game tied. He makes both.
  5. 4 fouls on Bates, no still 3. Lead cut to two as Javonte makes one of two. Terrible call against Yuri.
  6. Gibby with the sweet drive, and one attempt to come.
  7. Three positives from the half: 1. Yuri 2. Gibson hitting two threes 3. We outrebounded them 26-14. Got to play much better. The negatives were plentiful but how about this one: Layups 6-16.
  8. This, with the exception of Yuri. He's done what he had to do to keep us in it.
  9. Thank God for Yuri Collins. Down 6 at the half.
  10. State's good. Yuri is the team tonight. Someone has got to help him.
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