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  1. Rumor is that UNC players Bacot, Brooks, and Love will enter the transfer portal. Sharpe will declare for the draft. Not confirmed but usually a pretty solid source texted me this.
  2. RED ALERT RED ALERT - We DO NOT want Massoud. I watched him numerous times this year and he is not good. He’s a Fordham level player at best, more like NEC, MAAC, and so on. Skinny, can’t rebound or defend, poor shot selection, and only hit 31% from the arc with an 8-10 game against Pitt. Wake was so short of players this year he had to play, otherwise, he would not get off the bench for any ACC team. If he shows up in a Billiken uniform, I’ll take a sabbatical from SLU hoops.
  3. Dayton’s Rodney Chatman in the portal.
  4. Modified version of the CBI this year. 8 teams only and no best of three series in the final.
  5. Oh well, disappointing play to end the season. If everyone that can come back does, might be a pretty good team next year.
  6. The ladies fall behind by 8 at the end of 3 after another quarter of miserable shooting. Shooting 26% for the game.
  7. A dreadful first half finds the Billikens leading 17-16. Teams combined to hit 14-58, Bills shooting 8-27.
  8. A scintillating first quarter sees the Billiken women tied with N. Iowa 5-5 at the end of one. Billikens shoot 2-13 from the floor and UNI 2-17.
  9. Best link I've found to follow who's in the portal. https://verbalcommits.com/transfers/2021 727 names so far.
  10. This will be an obscure reference for most of you, but some of you may remember the South Carolina guard from the early 70s, John Roche. That's who Reaves plays like and actually looks a lot alike. Roche was the most hated ACC player of the era, but very good. When he played in the ABA and came to Greensboro for Carolina Cougar games, the boos reigned down on him and didn't stop until he was taken out.
  11. Lead down to 10, but Timme on the follow. Had no idea he was that good.
  12. Reaves is going all Pistol Pete on the Zags, keeping them in it.
  13. Until we understand the importance of building a university the basketball team can be proud of, our priorities will never be in the right place.
  14. Probably better VCU avoided the monster spanking the Ducks would've laid on them.
  15. Correction: A HELLUVA COACH - He’s Majerus with a personality.
  16. Complete coaching clinic!! Best coach in the country.
  17. Could the momentum be changing? Ill. Scores the last 5 to be down 9 at half.
  18. So right, Illini down 12 and the refs give them a bail out call on an out of control shot.
  19. The Fighting Porter Mosers schooling the Illini.
  20. Billiken women win their second round game 61-44 over Milwaukee. To play N. Iowa Mon. at 7pm. N. Iowa beat Dayton 70-56 and Creighton 64-63. Just listened to Coach Stone on KMOX and she seems very happy to be at SLU.
  21. You called it. Definitely a missed opportunity. Still, it had to be hard to figure that the shooting percentages of Jacobs, Jimerson, and Perkins would sink like they did. Has' didn't seem to be the same player until yesterday, and Thatch's and Hargrove's improvement wasn't enough to pick up the slack. Hoping next year will allow a full return to summer workouts, and a regular schedule to see if they can put it together. Hope our guys get plenty of shots up, and everyone, and I mean everyone, gets their shots in arms as the Billikens need a shot at redemption next year. Edit to add this question: With Okoro a sit one transfer, does he get this year back and have three seasons of eligibility remaining if he wants to use them?
  22. Yes, I think I met you at the Davidson game last year. I just don't like that place with the volleyball court lines, and the fact that we don't win there.
  23. Can't "good post" that one enough times. Now, what's it going to take to get us back in the MVC? I've had enough of the ECBL including Dayton, Duquesne, the Bonnies, and the high school gyms at Davidson and Fordham. All that needs to be ditched. Bring on SIUC, Loyola, Valpo, and let's get it on with our natural rivals.
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