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  1. That’s ridiculous. An NBA player tested positive for the virus. The dumbing down of America is frustrating to see.
  2. Excellent work. One small blow in stopping the spread of a disease worse than the coronavirus, that being deliberate ignorance.
  3. Just looked it up. It’s 30% of all games so he’s good as he only played in nine.
  4. Out of reactions. Good post. The Fox Noise Disinformation scheme is a scourge on the country.
  5. Fordham off to a good start vs GW. Up 11-6 at the first media. Not sure why they don’t win a few more games. They’ve got some decent players.
  6. It would be better if we pounded the Bonnies again, but probably won’t make a difference as that game won’t be enough by itself.
  7. CBI cancelled for 2020. CIT still on. What will the NCAA do with the NIT?
  8. Got to play the games even in an empty arena.
  9. Not sure how much it impacts our bubble watch, but Wake and Pitt are playing at the moment and both teams played BC. Pitt beat BC by two and Wake and BC split. Very entertaining game so far with Wake up 28-23 at the nine minute mark.
  10. Can’t go along with this. Right now, you could use TJ’s shooting mechanics to teach a kid to shoot. JB’s mechanics were really unlike anyone I’ve ever seen who could make a decent percentage This next comparison dates me but there were two shooters in the NBA in the 60s and 70s named Don Ohl and Wali Jones. Probably the first shooting analysis using video was done on those two. The result was that Ohl’s shooting mechanics, which were considered ideal based on elbow and hand positions, had only 1% variance on his jump shots while Jones’ mechanics varied by as much as 15%. Ohl was a reliabl
  11. I definitely see TJ as becoming a legit threat from three. He already has a much better shooting technique than Javon. Bess made an odd form work through tremendous effort. If TJ puts in a similar effort he'll be a sniper from three, I have little doubt about it. Where he needs the most improvement will be getting to the rack off the bounce. It's odd to me that a player with his off the charts athleticism has mediocre ball skills. I have to believe that honing his three point shooting and developing the ability to go off the bounce will be the emphasis on skill development in the off-season. I
  12. This virus is starting to remind me of the alien substance in the great book and movie, “The Andromeda Strain.” Better hope we don’t hit “601”.
  13. Cajuns lose 82-81. The Sun Belt Tourney has an unusual format. First, the 11th and 12th place teams are not in the bracket. Second, the top 2 seeds get a "triple bye" into the semis. So, as the 9th seed, Johnson's Ragin' Cajuns team would have to win five games to win the tourney while either of the top two seeds only have to win two.
  14. True, it was amazing tip in. I thought TJ made the shot and even slowing down the replay you can’t see JGood tipping it in. There was one view they showed in slo mo where I finally became convinced that JGood made the bucket.
  15. The game in Dayton last year, he stopped every rally with a three. Takes the big shot and makes it.
  16. There’s a better chance of a zombie apocalypse than refs calling fouls on Toppin.
  17. And kills us every game. He’s a Billiken assassin.
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