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  1. A stopped clock is right twice a day which is two more times than pResident Covid-45 is ever right about anything.
  2. This is a great post. Well done in delineating the joke of a pResident occupying the White House. I call him by his new nickname, Covid-45.
  3. Thanks for your effort, KC. Good message and hope you find success on and off the court.
  4. I adapted the real Valvano zing. Valvano was 29 when he got the Iona job and the story is he said to the player, “I’m Jim Valvano, Iona College.” He said the reply was, “You look too young to own a college.”
  5. Just heard that a player had an exchange with Pitino that went like this, “Young man, my name is Rick Pitino, Iona College.” The player replied, “OK, which one?”
  6. NABC District 4 is the 14 teams in the A-10. There are 24 districts, 18 represent one conference and 7 represent 2 conferences. Toppin, Crutcher, Lofton, and Russell were the other 4, so those 5 together were 5 of the 6 named to the All A-10 first team.
  7. It's my understanding that people are buying toilet paper in large quantities in an attempt to wipe out the corona virus.
  8. Officiating was terrible. How they could call those nothing fouls on French boggles my mind.
  9. Speaking of Smart, he tested positive for Covid-19. Says he feels totally normal and could play a game right now. I'm only reporting it since his name came up, not offering any commentary about it.
  10. Awesome. We were keeping the A-10 trophy.
  11. The right wing media, Limbaugh, Hannity, et al has turned vulnerable people’s brains to mush. Such a disservice to the country. Rip me all you want but I’m right and you’re wrong. Rant over. Note to board monitors: Ding me if you want for talking politics. I try to limit posts here to sports, but all the ridiculous crap that’s been posted about the coronavirus situation has pi$$ed me off. The last thing I’ll say is it’s pretty dang pathetic that there has to be a negative political spin put on everything that happens. Sometimes things just happen and that’s the reality of it.
  12. That would be a great honor! Can you imagine my disappointment if we lose the opener then reel off 39 straight?
  13. The Wiz, I've been tweaking my model over the last week and in looking ahead to next season, I've run this simulation 1100 times and the data is leading to a surprising result. Regardless of how many times I run it, it keeps coming up with the Billikens having a record of... 40-0!!! Yes, my model says, if we avoid major injuries, suspensions, S-3, and so on, we win it all!! OK, in the interest of full disclosure, the model comes from my imagination after watching all the highlight clips from the season that just ended so maybe it's skewed a bit. I do see next season as one which
  14. Props to those of you who drove the Yurimania Bandwagon. slu72, I see you. You guys were on it. I’ve compared Javonte’ to the Iceman, French to Wes Unseld, and Gibson to J.J. Reddick. My comparison for Yuri is a smaller version of Jason Kidd. I’ll say now that Yuri will develop into a serviceable shooter and play in the league. Not saying he’ll be an All-Star but if Ish Smith can play 10 years in the league, then Yuri can, too.
  15. When you need a Billiken basketball fix, go to stadiumtv.com and click on the Billikens-Bonnies replay. We win by 23 every time.
  16. Out of reactions due to responses to the uninformed and inferior types, but good post.
  17. With the other leagues cancelling their games, the A-10 better hope no one becomes infected during the games.
  18. I thought it was better than 50-50 that this would happen. Disappointing, but necessary.
  19. And boom goes the dynamite. Politicizing, or even thinking this crisis has anything to do with politics is ridiculous. If you can’t understand what is at stake, the only hope for you would be to return to first grade and begin again.
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