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  1. 11-0 run, USC in a 5 min. scoring drought with multiple turnovers.
  2. Wait, Oregon on a 9-0 run, cuts it to 11 with 6:10 to go.
  3. Calling it now, assuming USC finishes off Oregon, they’re taking down the Zags.
  4. Bama flat out choked in OT. Terrible shot selection, panic set in, Oates didn’t do anything to stop it.
  5. They get a great shot and Abmas just misses the three at the buzzer. Terrific game. Major props to both teams.
  6. ORU hanging tough, down one with :30 to go and shooting two. Misses first, makes second. Tied.
  7. Poor shot selection hurting ORU, now down 4 with less than 4 to go.
  8. Looks like it's slipping away from ORU. Were up 12 and now tied.
  9. Abmas and ORU lighting up Arkansas early. Up 15-7 with 5 threes, and 2 gift points to Ark on the T.
  10. Wake’s Quadry Adams to the Bonnies. Fr. guard who didn’t get many mins. but impressed late in the year with his defensive presence and hustle. Of Wake’s 7 players choosing not to return, including Massoud, Adams is the one player Wake fans didn’t want to lose. He’ll be a perfect fit for the Bonnies. Excellent pick-up by Schmidt.
  11. As will All-Rookie team member, Tyler Kolek.
  12. George Mason's Jordan Miller enters the portal. 6'6 guard, A-10 3rd team, averaged 15.1 and 6.1 boards. Will be an excellent pick-up for someone. Count in the portal reaches 896.
  13. The Waves of Pepperdine break all over Coastal Carolina 84-61 to capture the CBI title! Willie The Wave is very happy tonight. https://www.google.com/search?q=does+pepperdine+have+a+mascot&client=safari&channel=iphone_bm&prmd=insv&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwjPp4HcqsrvAhXdQTABHcijC5QQ_AUoAXoECAIQAQ&biw=375&bih=553#imgrc=Wax0WhhEVfZhRM
  14. 9 more enter the portal in the last hour, now up to 822. Watching the portal is kind of a fun thing to do on a day when you're off work.
  15. That's why I mentioned the player from the 70s, "and probably some others." I don't follow Carolina basketball at all, but a friend who has a lot of contacts in the college basketball world, and despises Carolina, texts me whenever something goes wrong with their program. It's kind of funny to me, but I don't like them either, so I enjoy the stuff he sends. I thought the post on Inside Carolina was inaccurate which is why I added the conditions to it.
  16. First UNC domino falls as Day'Ron Sharpe declares for the draft with no plans to return next year. There may be another transfer I didn't list originally. This is crazy as Carolina has had so few transfers since the Dean Smith era started in '61. On Inside Carolina a post there says they've only had two transfers since then although it left off an obscure player I recall from the 70s, and probably some others. Safe to say they are at risk of having as many departures via the transfer route this year than in any of the previous 60.
  17. Nine more have entered the portal in the past hour. Now up to 813. Regarding McKissic, I think there was a lot of respect for him after the game with KC. He played great after having reduced minutes in the early games for reasons that were not made clear. The only concern I remember having was the fact that he got T'd up at the end of the half, showing a little attitude. Turns out though that, by all accounts, including Cusamano's, he's a great kid. At the end of the interview on Frank's show yesterday, he and his sidekicks were gushing over McKissic in terms of how he answered the questions.
  18. SLU wants Mr. McKissic. Take it to the bank.
  19. Good pick-up for the Aggies and Chris Jans. He loves to play small ball and shoot the three.
  20. SMU's Charles Smith IV enters the portal. 6'5 shooting guard, absolute sniper from three. Travis, make the call. I'm searching for his number as we speak.
  21. Indiana's Race Bannon, er, Race Thompson enters the portal. Now waiting on transfer news from Jonny and Hadji, stay with Dr. Quest or go rogue. Count now at 804.
  22. Davidson's Carter Collins and Bates Jones enter the portal. 803 now in portal.
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