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  1. This is starting like the Maryville game last year except KC is better.
  2. Allick is a solid player. McKissick looks excellent. Perkins has missed his first two threes.
  3. I agree with Highmark, French needs to be less unselfish. Jacobs ties it at 7.
  4. KC has some nice looking guards playing a 4 out offense. I saw Allick play last weekend and I know he's solid. Bills need some buckets.
  5. ESPN Plus is available on Firestick so if you have Firestick you can watch the game on your big screen.
  6. Excellent news. I’m an ABCer, Anybody But Carolina! Well done, Wolfpack! Did State get their two players back, or still have only nine?
  7. I just printed your post, tossed it in the fireplace, and it’s providing nice warmth. Thank you!!
  8. There's a good chance we have him for three more years after this one. He's got the form to make shots. Whether or not he develops it remains to be seen. He's a terrific defender, a high wire act with his ability to get off the floor, and he's athletic enough to put the ball on the deck and score on the drive. As Hubie Brown would say, I think he has a lot of upside potential.
  9. Fred 11 pts, 8 boards, 4 steals. I see no reason why he can't become a reliable shooter. Welcome back, Fred!!
  10. It was going to be a tall task getting this one on the road. Wish we could have shot better.
  11. Can we please make a three here? Airball Jimerson.
  12. What a board and follow by Fred. That 46" vertical is for real. Love how they're fighting to the end.
  13. Minn. complete money from the stripe, 30-35.
  14. Seeing some good things from Fred tonight.
  15. TJ puts it on the deck and finishes. That's good news. More of that please.
  16. Looked to me like their defenders were just too strong and quick for both Gibson and Javonte.
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