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  1. Latest NIT-ology has SLU as a four seed. If that holds, we get a first round home game. Glad to see the one bid conferences holding serve today. I think St. Mary's might have gotten an at large anyway. They smoked Gonzaga. Still about 10 more one bid leagues to determine conference champs. No way all those one seeds will win. Figure three to four will lose in the tourney championship. Bills need to take care of business on Friday.
  2. I love listening to Rammer and Earl call the games. They are so into it although Rammer goes a little overboard on the "homer" stuff on occasion. I love it when it sounds like he increases his volume so the refs can hear what he says. I mean he's so close to the court, and you can really tell when he ramps up the volume. He cracks me up when he does that. Sometimes, I wonder if he'll get thrown out by some rabbit eared ref.
  3. Clemson is not that good. Saw them last night vs. Wake and they're overrated. That shouldn't really be counted as a "good win" any more. People got excited about them early on because they waxed UNC, but then everyone starting beating down the woeful Tar Heels(For a guy who lives in NC, that's a fun thing to say.) Illinois does not belong.
  4. Illinois doesn't deserve a bid. Any at-large team with 13, soon to be 14 losses should automatically be out of the tourney. Ought to be a rule or something. Really hoping for home games for the Bills in the NIT. Even with a loss on Friday, I can't believe they wouldn't make it.
  5. True that! BTW, I'm new to the Billiken board so be gentle. Thanks!
  6. Bills need at least one win to have a good shot an NIT home game. Two wins secures it.
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