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  1. More turnovers by both teams. 13-9 at the under 8 timeout.
  2. Cassity misses again. We're only 5-13 from the floor. Temple 2-19 from the floor. Conklin will shoot two. Temple in some foul trouble, 2 starters with 2 fouls. Conklin makes one of two, we're up 11-6 at 9:20.
  3. Temple 2-16 from the floor. Cassity misses the 12' pull up. Another missed Temple layup. Another turnover. These teams stink.
  4. McCall hits the jumper, our ballhanding is terrible so far. We're up 10-6. Steal McCall. 11:33 to go.
  5. 13:15 to go, Bills up 8-6. Turnover Cody. Wow, all the turnovers.
  6. Block by Cory, our ball. Cory jump hook for the deuce, up 8-4. Steal Salecich. Turnover Cory. Porter drops the F bomb heard over the radio.
  7. Another Temple turnover but Conklin misses again. Conklin misses again. 14:58 left, we're up 6-4, both teams struggling.
  8. Turnover Cassity. Turnover Temple, Temple starts cold from the floor. Conklin from Loe and we're up 6-2. Temple misses again, Turnover Loe. Temple scores on the silly turnover by Loe. 6-4 Loe airball three.
  9. Conklin misses, Temple scores 2-2. McCall baseline drive, 4-2 good guys at 17:40.
  10. 1st possession, turnover Conklin. Loe scores, bills up 2-0
  11. Big 10, Little 10 really, is total garbage. Bowl games prove what the apologists won't admit. The Little 10 should be placed among the conferences that are not automatic qualifiers.
  12. So what is Stamos' connection to the Billikens?
  13. Here's the results of the '09-'10 Great West Conference season: Men's Basketball Overall GWC Team W L W L USD 22 10 11 1 HBU 12 21 9 3 UND 8 23 5 7 UVU 12 18 5 7 CSU 9 23 4 8 NJIT 10 21 4 8 UTPA 6 26 4 8 As you can see, the South Dakota Coyotes dominated the league, although they had some trouble putting away Houston Baptist in the Tourney Final. I listened online to the championship game. South Dakota will be joining The Summit League after the '11-'12 season. The other teams are Univ. of North Dakota, Utah
  14. Young leaves SLU as the unofficial career leader in FG and FT percentages. He was 100% in each category, 1-1 from the floor, and 3-3 from the stripe. I was really impressed with how he handled the minutes he got in the CBI. Very poised. Hope he has great success at Maryville.
  15. I like the idea proposed at the end of the article of the last four at-large teams playing the four lowest ranked teams in the field. That's a good compromise, and still gives the lower seeded conference champ teams a chance at an upset. Hadn't seen that before but it makes good sense.
  16. We agree, Majestic and Scientific Mapp
  17. So has Jett verballed or not? Do we have a scholarship open or opening for him? Will he sign a LOI in the next few weeks? What are the actual facts of this situation? I can't find anything that follows up from a few weeks back when he "supposedly" verballed.
  18. Terrific play, one of the best I've seen. For some reason, it reminds of the great fielding plays the Wizard of Oz would make at short.
  19. Good luck to JS and JJ then. Enjoyed watching you play and hope you land somewhere where you get to play a lot and be very successful.
  20. Agree that Rickma lacks dignity and class, but he can damn sure coach basketball. "Just win baby," and Rickma has proven he can do it and do it without cheating.
  21. Forget Gaudio. Horrible offensive coach. Wake is my #1 team, Bills are 1a, and I'm glad we got rid of Gaudio. He had three first round draft picks last year, counting Aminu, and Aminu back this year and couldn't do squat in the postseason, not even competitive except for the Texas game. I'm all for keeping Porter if there's any way possible. I think he'll get the Green Bay job though. Hopefully, SLU can get him back when they need him. Hate to see the chemistry of next year's team affected by him leaving though.
  22. Not trying to crack on the guy, trying to give objective analysis. Granted, it's a very limited sample size. And what's so bad about "serviceable?" Seemed like he was overmatched for the competition, but this was clearly the highest level of 18 year old competition to be found. Might turn out to be very good, time and his work ethic/coachability will tell.
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