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  1. I'd guess the halftime one with the ball banking in as the backboard lights came on.
  2. Assuming no foul trouble, I'd expect to see Conk get 37 mins only coming out for a three minute first half run for Cory. I also expect to see either Loe or Ellis on the floor at all times to counteract their size. Also, I doubt we go with three guards more than 5-6 mins total and that's only to keep Dwayne as fresh as possible. Hoping Kwam can go for 37 minutes as well with JJ and Mike splitting the rest.
  3. Amen, let's get hot on the recruiting trail and see where the maestro can take us.
  4. "Ohhh, he shot that from the parking lot!!" Great call, even better shot.
  5. BILLIKENS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hate, Hate, Hate, C'mon LIU Blackbirds!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. 12-2 Billiken run, Dwayne with 11 boards.
  7. Probably Ted Valentine effing up these calls. He's horrid.
  8. Terrible non call on the charge. Awful. Another crap call on the block. WTF?
  9. Down 8, not sure how we come back. McCall with the two. Down 6.
  10. Down 6, Cody's lack of athleticism is glaring.
  11. Dwayne misses two from the stripe. Not good.
  12. 3 fouls on Memphis' big. Still down three. We just can't knock down a shot.
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