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  1. Major choke job by Rhody in regulation and by the refs in OT. Sux.
  2. Total game time one hour 42 mins. Quickest game I can recall in many years.
  3. 4 possessions, 4 turnovers, getting ugly now.
  4. Willie is invisible tonight. Intimidated by Sanders maybe?
  5. 11:55 to go, we're down 13. We're 8-13 from the floor this half but those two turnovers led to two made treys for the bad guys.
  6. 8 possessions this half: 5-8 from the floor, 1-3 from three, no turnover, still no FT attempts. 15:05 left. Down 5.
  7. By my count, we've had 29 possessions, 11-27 from the floor, 3-10 from the arc, with 6 turnovers. No FTs attempted. Things looking pretty bleak at the half.
  8. Try this link to listen online: http://radiotime.com/station/s_23633/101_ESPN_1011.aspx
  9. 22 possessions, 8-20 from the floor, 2-9 from the arc, 5 turnovers. Trail by 5. No FTs yet I think for either team. We need to get Willie involved.
  10. 20 possessions, 7-18 from the floor, 1-8 from the arc, 5 turnovers. Down 6 at the 6 min. mark.
  11. Sounds like KM has a cramp in the tibialis anterior muscle.
  12. 13 possessions, 5-11 from the floor, 1-6 from the arc, 3 turnovers. Bills trail 12-11 at the under 12 timeout.
  13. 8 possessions so far. 4-6 from the floor, 0-2 from the arc, two turnovers. SLU up 8-6 13:44 to go.
  14. Medical redshirts when granted occur when injuries occur in the first 20% of a season. For example, in college basketball, medical redshirts aren't granted if you play in any games past the sixth. I'm not sure if that is extended to the 7th game if a team plays 35 or more games. Medical redshirts are applied for at the conclusion of a season. So, Eckerle saves a season of eligibility by not playing at all. One second of playing time ends the opportunity for a redshirt season to be taken. A medical redshirt is a different animal altogether.
  15. I'm cool with that. I just think it's stupid to take potshots at Obama when speaking of Craig Robinson and what goes on at Oregon State. Robinson's had two pretty good years after taking over a downtrodden program and needed the extension to help with recruiting. VCU has a strong frontcourt with 6'11 Larry Sanders and 6'9 Wake Forest transfer Jamie Skeen. Skeen was a Top50 recruit out of Charlotte before being slowed by a knee injury. Didn't work out at Wake but he has gradually improved in his two years at VCU. Willie has to avoid foul trouble, Cody has to contribute on the boards, and Cass
  16. When you consider that Oregon State had a six win season the year before Robinson arrived, and they've won 32 games over the last two years, I'd say he deserved the two year extension. Craig Robinson has been coaching basketball since long before we'd heard of Barack Obama. And BTW, Obama's a good man and a far better President than Bush ever thought about being. But that's a different subject for a different message board. Is there a "Town Hall"/Politics type of board here?
  17. I admire women who want to play basketball for the effort and commitment they have to give to play at the college level. I don't want to actually watch them play though.
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