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  1. 2:09, Bills up three after the ridiculous Valpo banked three. Dwayne hits two, 29-24
  2. Santa Clara's guards are embarrassing ours. Rockamore is very good. 60-41 bad guys with 11:22 to go.
  3. Foster is all world tonight. What the heck is a player like that doing playing for Santa Clara?
  4. Rockamore and Foster are big-time players for Santa Clara. Down 16 now.
  5. Santa Clara's too athletic with guys who can finish and shoot. Definitely not looking good for the Bills at this point. Dwayne's giving it everything he has though.
  6. We've missed lots of layups and the last two threes, and gotten three gift points on FTs from Dwayne on bad calls. Manning hits a jumper, but they're making mincemeat of our D. Down 11.
  7. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO on Gaudio. I'm a Wake fan here in North Carolina and Gaudio is an awful offensive coach. He had Jeff Teague, James Johnson, Al Farouq Aminu, and Ish Smith on the same squad and could only win one ACC or NCAA Tourney game with them. There's a reason why he's been out of coaching for two years with no nibbles. He can recruit but he'll waste more talent than any coach ever. There was also a lack of discipline on his teams with off court problems and recruiting kids who couldn't cut it in the classroom. Stay away from Gaudio.
  8. Would someone point me to a post which describes the above referenced debacle, or briefly summarize it here? I'm not in the StL area nor a SLU grad so I'm not always in the loop on this type of info.
  9. http://www.wsucougar.../062012aaa.html Article where Jake is mentioned in game results from the Asian trip with the US Eagles. Sorry if this or similar info has already been posted. Looks like he was an important contributor. From the brief game summaries looks like he averaged about 10 and 6 or so. The Eagles went 5-1 including an "exhibition" game although seems like they were all exhibitions.
  10. I'm not sold on Manning. In the limited time he played, I didn't see anything to get excited about aside from some mid-range shooting touch. I'm glad Rick has high expectations for him but I think he looks more like a project at this point than anything else.
  11. He has to sit out a transfer year so he'll have three seasons left beginning with '13-'14. Might choose to go back to Greece and play for pay.
  12. Pay no attention to Taylor Zarzour. Idiot broadcasting out of Charlotte. In NC, if you want to listen to sportstalk, it's Zarzour from 3p-7p or nothing. Him and his sidekick are comically bad, although they do get some terrific guests.
  13. This Friedman kid might blow up this Summer. Could possibly reach 4 star level, def should be rated a three. Taking Friedman away from the B1G would be a major coup for the program.
  14. What about a three game series with the third game played on a "neutral" court in Detroit? I could see that working.
  15. Either a home and home, how to coach that defense, or both.
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