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  1. VCU with the bucket 45-42. 12:00 to go, CS turnover. Foul CS, they'll shoot two, under 12 timeout.
  2. Cody boards his miss. DYoung and one. Makes it and we're up 5.
  3. 3 fouls on Cory, 6 team fouls. Willie back in for Cory. VCU for a deuce. 42-40. Their sub Rozzell is killing us with 14. We're 1-12 from the arc.
  4. DYoung will shoot two. Makes both. First points of the year. Up 4.
  5. VCU with the stickback, up 7. KM back in. Rammer giving props to DYoung. Turnover Cassity. VCU trey, up 4.
  6. VCU drains a 2 pt. jumper and we're up 37-31. KM out. Willie and one!!!! 15:57 to go. Willie has a FT after the timeout.
  7. KM on the drive, up 35-29. Foul on Cody, his first but team's fourth. KM misses a trey. KM scores. Up 8. Foul on Willie.
  8. VCU scores and we're up 4. 18:19 to go, Timeout Rickma. They've outrebounded us 5-0 to start the half. We have to step up the intensity.
  9. VCU scores and we're up 33-27. KM misses a two. Foul on Cassity.
  10. VCU to start the second half with the ball. VCU had only two FGs in their final 16 possessions. Foul Willie, his first. Sanders will shoot two. Misses first, makes second and we're up 8. Salecich misses another trey. Foul on KM.
  11. We had 33 possessions that half and only six turnovers. Outrebounded them 19-13 helped by the fact that Sanders has three fouls and only played nine mins. We made 6 of 8 FTs. Willie had nine, CS 8 and Cory 7. Kwamain only had the one trey.
  12. Turnover Kwamain. 4 seconds left in the half. We're up nine at the half. 33-24.
  13. VCU will shoot two after Cory's second foul. First no good. Second no good.
  14. 2:10 to go. CS misses a trey. Another VCU turnover. CS misses another trey. Skeen with a deuce, we're up 7. Time out at 1:18. We're 1-9 from the arc.
  15. 13-2 run by the Bills. Willie has his shot blocked by Skeen. Cassity with the trey rejection. Jam time Willie Reed!
  16. 3:59 remains. We have 8 offensive boards, Cory with three of those. CS makes the first, makes the second. Up 7 and a VCU turnover.
  17. Cory misses the front end. VCU with the deuce. 25-22. CS with the deuce.
  18. Kwamain misses a trey, Remekun owning the boards and he's fouled.
  19. 6:20 to go, 23-20 good guys. Remekun with the follow, up five.
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