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  1. Loe not starting. Game is 5 mins old and there have been no subs for either team. Int'l team up 10-9.
  2. Butler hanging tough, down two at 10:27. They couldn't have asked for much more. Oops, now down 4.
  3. I saw VCU in '80 in an NCAA Tourney in Greensboro. Honestly, I'd never heard of VCU prior to that night, but was impressed with the enthusiasm of your fans. I'm also thankful to VCU for knocking off Duke in the NCAA Tourney three years ago. That was an awesome performance by Maynor and your whole team. I knew the Bills were in trouble drawing VCU in the Finals. As tough as you guys played ODU in the CAA Tourney, I was sure your team was going to be a handful. As banged up as the Bills were, it impressed me that our guys could play a team as good as yours so tough in game two. That fact alone
  4. With Femi having taken a redshirt year, and having to bounce back from knee surgery, I can't see him transferring to a D1 school. He could of course drop down to a lower level and not lose another year of eligibility. The logical candidates to leave are JS and JJ, although redshirting Smith next year would help balance out the classes, and open up some time for him later in his career. Would hate to see JJ go, but at 5'9 he's too short for the two, and not enough of a handler for the one. Seemed like he was really coming on prior to the injury though. Will be interesting to see how it all pl
  5. That would be a 5-11 ACC team, 5-12 if you count the ACC Tourney. UNC's 17 losses represent their second most losses in school history trailing only the glorious 8-20 team from '02. Thank you Dayton.
  6. Flyers get it done. "A" National Championship for the A-10... as opposed to "THE" National Championship. Guess we can say good bye to the NIT.
  7. Is JSmith the most likely player to RS next year? Doubt Remekun will shirt, we need JJ, and all three frosh will play. We need a shirt to balance out the classes better. I say JSmith. What say you?
  8. Thanks, sorry I missed that it was definite. Thought it was a possibility but didn't realize it was a done deal.
  9. Good luck Mr. Reid. Help me out here: Our roster shows 7 scholarship players as freshman(DYoung is a frosh walk-on, so I'm not counting him,) and 4 as sophomores. Eckerle makes 12. Three new recruits makes 15, Reid's departure makes 14. Is there someone else who needs to transfer or have their scholly pulled to get us to 13?
  10. Great post! This is the type of production we will continue to get from his spot regardless of how hard he works in the off season. Talent upgrade needed. I rest my case.
  11. Therein lies the key. I'm a long time Billiken fan but new to the boards. I'm in NC and have followed the ACC for fifty years. I have some ties to StL and I'll leave it at that. My guess is that with the talent problems over the past several years, players such as Cassity and Salecich represent an increase in talent over previous years. The talent/athleticism level has to be increased further to get the Bills to national prominence and the NCAA Tourney. Not knocking the two young men at all. Seem like good guys and hard workers. Hope they become great. I don't see them progressing past the "
  12. Not hating at all. Has nothing to do with a dismal performance last night. The season's over and it's time to look ahead. There's a widespread sentiment here that the Bills will be an NCAA Tourney team. I'm talking about a "65 team NCAA Tourney" team. I'm saying that, in general, a team will not make the NCAA Tourney starting a tandem like Cassity and Salecich. You might get by with one starting and one in an 8 man rotation, but both have a limited amount of improvement left to make. If Christian was going to be an outside threat, he wouldn't be shooting 20% from three for the year. Major im
  13. Smith is a fabulous leaper but needs to develop more ball skills, and add muscle. He's a classic 'tweener in that he's only 6'5 but can't handle or shoot. He can finish, and has great timing on rebounds, but is too skinny to defend the post. A redshirt year would do him a world of good. After tonight, I'd say Remekun shouldn't be redshirted. He's ready to make big improvement next year.
  14. I was mixing up actually signing with verbally committing, and I was pretty sure that the "early signing period" that the poster asked about didn't apply.
  15. Isn't he being recruited to play on the '10-'11 team? That's just a few months away. I see that there's a "regular signing period" which comes up in April. I realize now that I was confusing the actual "signing period" with the fact that he can verbally commit whenever he's ready.
  16. I'm thinking that since he would play next season, he can sign any time he's ready. It's not like he's a high school junior or senior with a whole one or two school years to go. Someone else might clarify this, but I say that the early signing period does not apply to Mr. Loe.
  17. Happy for Mr. Young. Way to be prepared when the team needed you.
  18. Enjoy the NIT or return trip to the CBI then. I hope they have great careers and show that I'm wrong. These eyes have observed a lot of basketball players over 50 years though, and I'll be surprised if they lead us to the Promised Land.
  19. If you're satisfied with NIT's and CBI's then Cassity and Salecich are your guys. They don't shoot well enough to make up for the fact that they can't blow by anybody off the dribble. They're nice, hard working players. However, you won't win championships with those two getting that many minutes.
  20. Right on target. We're not nearly athletic enough at the 2 and 3, and neither shoots well enough, or in Cassity's case, often enough to make up for their deficiencies. These guys would be great 10-15 minute/game role players on a Top 25 team, nothing more. I realize they're all we have now, but I wouldn't be at all surprised to see Evans take significant minutes away from one of them. Has nothing to do with skin color. You have to have a two or three who can slash to the goal, and be a threat from outside. Neither could take their defender off the bounce, nor shoot well enough or often enoug
  21. For all their effort, Cassity and Salecich were the weak links on this team. We need better talent at the 2 and 3 spots.
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