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  1. KM with the sweet pull up!! 22-11 after the McCall triple. 12:20 to go.
  2. Bad turnover by Cory. 16-11 at 14:45. 2 UW bigs have two fouls each. Dwayne makes one of two at 13:52. 17-11
  3. Who has taken over Brian Conklin's body? Playing great so far. Bills up 16-9 at 15:45. Have drawn two charges, Four team fouls on UW so far.
  4. Conk and one on the great ball movement!!!!! 11-6 at 17:30. Loe for three!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 14-6. 5-5 from the floor, 2-2 stripe, 14 pts. in 2:51.
  5. Conk with the drive and the kiss. UW has six pts. on the first three possessions.
  6. Speaking of D2 teams, I see that Evansville beat the UI-S Prairie Stars 74-61 in exhibition play last week. UI-S battled them for a good bit of the game. Evansville beat Butler yesterday 80-77 in OT. Watching the highlights of that game, Butler was screwed by the refs big time.
  7. Clarification - "3 losing seasons in succession" is a little off. They've had three straight non-winning seasons, going 15-15 in '09-'10.
  8. Looked like a CBI team to me. Lucky to win 20 before the A-10 Tourney.
  9. You play in an exhibition game the redshirt is off. The only way a player can be redshirted after that is if they qualify for a medical shirt.
  10. Links: http://weblogs.baltimoresun.com/sports/college/recruiting/2011/10/loyolas_jordan_latham_gets_ncaa_waiver.html http://www.baltimoresun.com/sports/college/basketball/mens/bs-sp-sean-tuohy-loyola-1013-20111012,0,1861021.story
  11. To heck with an at-large bid. Win the A-10 Tourney and make it easy for the committee.
  12. "Is the article accurate in saying that Kwamain didn't practice with the team second semester? Thought I read here that he could and did practice with the team once he was reinstated to school." Anyone have the answer?
  13. Saw this write-up on the Canada trip today. Good to see the Bills get a little pub. Is the article accurate in saying that Kwamain didn't practice with the team second semester? Thought I read here that he could and did practice with the team once he was reinstated to school. Anyone have info on Cody's injury where "he jumped a fence" and needed stitches? Also, what's the timeline on Cassity? Is he good to go for practice next month? Good to see Rick fired up about Manning. Seems like he's a pleasant surprise so far with a higher ceiling than originally thought. http://eye-on-college-basketb
  14. Did we get any info on how RL played in the Fiba Tourney? I understood the games were to be on the 7th, 9th, and 11th. Anyone have his individual results, final scores from the games, anything?
  15. billikenbill will, weather permitting, be on hand for the Charlotte game. Two years ago, I think there were 4 Bills fan in attendance in Halton Arena. Why don't we try to double that, or better, this year!
  16. 22-20 on a last second FG. Pretty impressive win for an NAIA program. Go Lindenwood!
  17. I was just asking for pics of the girls in costume, big smiles, leg kicks and all that. Apologies to redbirdfan if necessary. Plus, it's kind of a throwaway sports board line when pretty girls are mentioned.
  18. Carleton's missing two players, Hinz and Hobin, were in China on Monday night playing for the Canadian national team in the finals of what I think used to be called the World University Games. Hinz was Canadian National POY last year on the Carleton National Championship team. They were back for the Albany loss, maybe a little jet lagged. Seems like they recovered pretty quickly and played well, Hinz especially.
  19. At the very least somewhat alarming and a little puzzling. Here's my take on it: After the first two blowouts and the dominant fourth quarter in game 3, the team got complacent. Throw in a little fatigue, Carleton's hot shooting, and the fact that their talent level is beyond that of the others, and the result is the team wasn't ready for what hit them on Friday. Last night, they were better motivated and prepared for the opponent but missing key players. Still, even at our best we're probably no better than Carleton's best. I'm not sure being at the level of the "Duke of Canadian basketball
  20. Here's a pic of the Carleton gym. Bleachers opposite the team benches are very close to the court.
  21. I take it that he was in the game and a play occurred along the sideline where he lost his balance and fell into the bleachers.
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