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  1. Is Jolly shooting threes the best offense we can come up with?
  2. So someone said St. Joe's couldn't shoot threes?
  3. Without Milik this is clearly the worst basketball team I've ever seen. Now down 10.
  4. Uncontested three pointer on the inbounds play. Down 9. WTF is going on?
  5. Down eight after the uncontested layup on the inbounds. What do these coaches do all week?
  6. Another miserable start. Not sure we'll win another game this year.
  7. My Excel model using Crystal Ball monte carlo simulation analysis plus latin hypercube across 10,000 runs for Bills - St. Joes, shows Bills going down by one.
  8. Big time truth. Can we forward your messge to the coaching staff?
  9. MC with the great post move and we're down two. Excellent work by MC!!!
  10. We got lucky, the ball went off Crawford and we got it back. DR with the nice drive and we're down 4.
  11. Great pick by JM and MY forces a terrible shot. DR for three!!!! Down three.
  12. We go for the steal and give up the uncontested three.
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