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  1. Reggie with the sweet pick and roll, down 10.
  2. S I U much improved, very athletic compared to us and we can't throw it in the ocean.
  3. And we fumble a gimme rebound out of bounds.
  4. S I U dominating in all phases. Quicker, stronger, dominating the paint.
  5. Bills ice cold, S I U pounding us on the glass.
  6. Ridiculously bad foul call on McCall. That's two.
  7. Jordair having a horrible game so far, can't shoot and a turnover machine. S I U looks like the better team so far.
  8. Don't think Dwayne has touched it yet.
  9. 10-4 bad guys. SIU very sharp, we're sluggish.
  10. Not hearing the pre-game 101 stream.Hope they're going to turn it on for the game.
  11. She came across as very enthusiastic and energetic during the halftime radio interview last night. Obviously loves what she does and sounds like the kind of coach who players will be motivated to play for.
  12. It's a layup drill at this point. 75-52.
  13. McBroom with the drive and the deuce, up 21. Another SEMO turnover. 4:52 to go, Tanner Lancona sees the floor.
  14. I was coaching youth basketball some years back and saw an add for a coach's clinic for all levels at a local college. The add said the coaching staff and some players would be instructing. After a few minutes two older black men walked in and I immediately recognized one as "Bighouse Gaines" who won 828 games at Winston-Salem State. The other was introduced as long time coach John McLendon. I had no idea who John McLendon was. So the clinic was great and both Gaines and McLendon shared drills and motivational stuff with us. I go home and enter John McLendon on Google to learn more about him.
  15. Can we at least wait to use initials until the recruit is enrolled for his first semester? Also, if a current player has the same initials of a player who played in the previous five years, then the current player should be referred by first initial - last name. Also, if two current players have the same initials, then only the upperclassman should be referred to by initials. However, if two players in the same class have the same initials, then neither should be referred to by initials, referring back to the first initial - last name scheme. However, if one of those players in the same class
  16. Same way college basketball is fixed. Like when Kentucky plays Robert Morris you know the 'Cats are going to wi... oh wait. But for real though, it's the exception that proves the rule.
  17. In the quest to reach 200, I'll go ahead and say "Welcome Mr. Yacabou!" Staff continues their impressive work.
  18. I think he meant the Spring sports teams, ie, baseball, softball, track and field, tennis, golf, and any other Spring sports they have.
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