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  1. 6:52, tied at 23-23. Dwayne missed two chippies on the last two possessions. Their quickness is hurting us. Kwam hits two. 25-23. Rammer upset with our effort.
  2. When does UIS join a BCS league? Who are these guys?
  3. 10:57, Conk hits two, 17-14. We look sluggish on O, and are missing our triples.
  4. 11:25, Bills up 15-14, UIS came to play. Tough charge call on Kwam.
  5. JJ hits 1 of 2, commits a silly foul, played great D, forced a tough shot then fouled at the last second. 12-12 now.
  6. 13:44 to go, we're up 11-10, JJ will shoot two. UIS's big is really good, has 8 of their 10.
  7. Really empty. Plenty of good seats available at the last minute. Scoot on over and occupy one.
  8. If we can't win by 40, I'll settle for a nice comfortable 35 pt. win where we score a lot. How does a 35 pt. margin sound, with the final 92-57? Or will we complain about how poorly the D played by giving up 57 to a team like this?
  9. Thank you Brian Kunderman!!! Loved having Rammer and Earl on the call during the stream. Mine was synced up perfectly, no time lapse either way.
  10. I saw him take two and brick them both. Toledo must have really been in the tank for this kid to be their leading scorer his frosh year. Granted, they only won 4 games and he averaged 12 or so pts/game if I recall correctly. But he's just not that good. I don't see him as a contributor until possibly his Sr. year. Disappointing after all the hype.
  11. I see it as Ill-Springfield 72 - 69 over Rockhurst in OT. Well now I've seen it both ways with Rockhurst winning in OT by the same score. Either way, we need to kick them up and down the court so the back ups can get plenty of time. Take care of Vermont first.
  12. Bump to see if anyone knows where a stream of the game can be found.
  13. For those of us who live outside the FSM area, will there be a stream somewhere?
  14. Margin of victory isn't factored into the rpi. From wikipedia: In its current formulation, the index comprises a team's winning percentage (25%), its opponents' winning percentage (50%), and the winning percentage of those opponents' opponents (25%). The opponents' winning percentage and the winning percentage of those opponents' opponents both comprise the strength of schedule (SOS). Thus, the SOS accounts for 75% of the RPI calculation and is 2/3 its opponents' winning percentage and 1/3 times its opponents' opponents' winning percentage. The RPI lacks theoretical justification from a st
  15. Stritch and AMbrose are exhibition games which have to be from D2 or lower. Ill-Springfield is better than playing a dog team from the SWAC or MEAC as those teams' low rpi's hurt the case for making the dance. If you can't get a decent D1 team to come in, it's better to have one game against a D2 as it doesn't count toward rpi, schedule strength, or any of that. OTOH, you usually can get some deep bench players a decent amount of minutes which is a good thing.
  16. She was on the broadcast and Miss Mizzou is totally smokin'!!! Well I guess on this board I should refer to her as Miss Missouri!
  17. My thought on Kwamain is that he's never played with this much talent in the lineup. Before he was the only player who could break someone down off the dribble. Now, McCall, Jordair and even Dwayne can get into the lane for layups. We also have better shooters than before and Cassity doesn't seem hesitant to shoot like he did his first three years. Kwam is having to adjust to the role of actually being a distributor as much as scorer, and he's being effective in doing so. There have been numerous times when he made the pass that led to the assist, the "hockey assist" pass I've heard it called.
  18. This is what I was thinking as well. I was very surprised by the number of voters who didn't have us on their ballot at all. They obviously hadn't paid attention to the weekend. With a 20 point win yesterday, I'd say it's 50-50 that we come in at 25 in the AP.
  19. I think Reveno was comparing the way we play compared to Kentucky as in the offensive scheme we run, and the discipline with which we run it. It's a beautiful thing when it's run right and it's the way halfcourt basketball should be played. There's no way he could've been comparing athletes as Kentucky has better athletes in the frontcourt than we do by a wide stretch. Our frontcourt guys are playing fundamentally sound ball and we're benefitting greatly from Conklin and Ellis's vast improvement over last year.
  20. I watched the second half. All the shots they made against us they missed vs. Columbia. All the three pt. shots we missed, Columbia made.
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