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  1. Merry Christmas from one of the newer members of Billiken Nation!
  2. Thanks for setting up a stream. Really appreciate it.
  3. Sick of all this suckage. WTF is wrong with this team?
  4. Wiz, This real Bills fan thanks you for the info.
  5. Really appreciate the stream. Worked great and the picture quality was fine.
  6. MM has disappeared as well. Shooting is terrible. Just a poor performance all the way around.
  7. Rammer and Earl are down on Austin's post passing. He had a 5'11 guy at the top of the zone and rather than lob the pass to Loe or Dwayne, he tried to bounce pass it into the zone and had it stolen on two occasions. There was another entry bounce pass from a bad angle that went OB, but from the box score they must have charged the receiver with the turnover. That was on Austin though. They also made the same comment earlier in the game regarding Rob's tendency to do the same thing. As far as Jake goes, he's a liability on D in nearly every situation.
  8. Between AM, MM, JJ, and RL, a combined 3-21 from the floor.
  9. Miserable half of basketball, wtf is going on? Barnett with 2 treys but you know he can only shoot against scrub teams. This team has serious problems.
  10. Go_Bills, Thanks so much for posting these links. Really appreciate it.
  11. UNC 22-48 from the foul line. Wow, is that bad. Props to Belmont.
  12. Tough game, S I U went cold in the second half, Bills knocked down their FTs, 8-8 in crunch time.
  13. :17, MM to shoot 2 and makes both. Up 9.
  14. Bills up 6, 1:54 our ball. S I U has only 7 team fouls this half.
  15. Bills up 6, 1:54 our ball. S I U has only 7 team fouls this half.
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