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  1. Lucked out with Dan Bonner on color. Really like his enthusiasm without being over the top.
  2. State's playing very well over the past three weeks. TJ Warren is a beast, can score from anywhere. They've got a guy who's a streak shooter from three. Shoots with an odd form but can get in a groove and wear you out. PG and post play is much better now. Took awhile for a well-thought of recruit, Cat Barber, to get it together at the point but he has. State takes out X and the Bills better strap it on or it's an early exit.
  3. Someone on the committee needs new glasses. We failed the eye test over the last five games and still got a five seed. Hard to understand, but much of the seeding is hard to understand, L'ville a 4 and New Mexico a 7?
  4. Bills better be ready, NC State playing their best ball of the year with the ACC POY, and then L'ville a 4. Damn
  5. Suck it Duke and Coach K. UVa downs the Evil Empire.
  6. The 19 game streak and JJ's heroics have been the season's highlights. The team is limited in many ways and doesn't have the three point shooting to cover the weaknesses. I figured we'd be vulnerable as the season went on, but didn't expect to lose 4 of 5 to end it. Doubt we'll make the Sweet 16, hoping for a good showing, and victory, in the first round game and then take our chances.
  7. Fordham upsets Mason. Rams did everything they could to give it away, but Mason wouldn't take it.
  8. Reverse psychology finally working. C'mon Bills!
  9. Terrible pass by Barnett. VCU ready to play, Billikens less so.
  10. Great run, but we've been winning with smoke and mirrors. Duquesne was a better team tonight. Not sure why they don't win more. Mason was amazing.
  11. Because he's from Brooklyn and Fordham is in the Bronx? He blew up late in his Sr. year and it came down to Wake and Fordham. He chose immediate playing time and playing close to home. After watching him today my first thought is that he's a potential transfer. Very talented.
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