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  1. That was actually a BS call on Roby. Penalized for excellent D.
  2. We need a PG desperately. MB or MR need to get off their butts and get better.
  3. 58-56 bad guys, 6:53 to go. Roby fouls out. GW to shoot two.
  4. Down 5 after the AM turnover. Roby triple, down 2.
  5. Crews gets t'd up after the ridiculous foul on Roby.
  6. They call block again and the foul occurred on the floor but they give him the bucket. Down 3.
  7. Ash misses a wide open three and now they're up three.
  8. Manning back in. Ash denied on the drive, then MY rattles out the end of clock J.
  9. Offense has gone stagnant against the 1-3-1.
  10. Sagarin agrees with the Wiz. Gdub is going to whip us in the paint. Play hard guys.
  11. Article I found from April on Neufeld. http://blogs.theprovince.com/2014/04/16/matt-neufeld-lambricks-lion-king-takes-his-place-with-bcs-best-sunday-at-the-lec/ If this is old news then sorry. Seems like he has an excellent work ethic and worked with some of the best in British Columbia on skill development. Not a lot of info available on his Prep team which is the same thing I found about Welmer. Having only seen some video and read some articles on Neufeld, I have a feeling he's going to be a pleasant surprise next year. Have to say though that I haven't seen the kid play.
  12. Tanner just can't buy a three point shot. Add one more disappointment to the mix.
  13. More FT woes. Ash is a terrible FT shooter.
  14. Game over. Missed four front ends, 20 turnovers... so far.
  15. MY has a good stroke. He should eventually become a good FT shooter. Down 7.
  16. Down nine. They're clamping down on our three point shooters. Getting out of hand.
  17. JM great steal and MY with the finish. Down 2.
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