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  1. Looks like Danny Manning to Wake after striking out on Shaka, Marshall, Howland, Mack, Amaker, Archie, and others. WF fans have a very inflated opinion of the value of their program. Shaka turned down $3+ mil a year. The whining and recriminations have already begun, even before it's official. Hopefully, it will go better than it did under Jeff [name redacted.] Edit to add that he'll visit WF today and decide in 24 hours. Apparently, Tulsa has made a strong push to keep him.
  2. Thanks for the link. Is there any way to access the whole broadcast?
  3. Bound to be with their connections to X and years together on the staff at Wake. The Gaudio firing has been shrouded in mystery with lots of innuendo about recruiting tactics and, shall we say, off the court stuff. What Wake should've done was allow Dino coach the '10-'11 team. John Wooden couldn't have gotten 12 wins out of that group. It would've been easy to show Dino the door after that.
  4. Wake Xavier connection goes back to Bob Staak, coach from '86-'89. He was the most hated former coach until Jeff Bzdelik showed up. The vitriol spewed at Bzdelik by Wake fans has been beyond insane.
  5. Apparently, some high dollar Wake boosters have been pushing for Mack. Word is that Mack made a very positive impression on them in his four year stint as an assistant from '01-'04. Wake is my local team and I can tell you that when these high rollers speak, the athletic director listens. Be interesting to see how it plays out.
  6. Any more to get in the NIT you have to basically be a bubble team. Only 32 spots available, but far less "at-large" bids than that. In two recent years including this one, 13 spots went to one-bid conference winners who lost in their tournament. That's only 19 bids left. In looking at it, with all the newcomers and question marks among the returnees, I couldn't see us being a bubble team next year so mentioned the CBI. I'd hope that SLU would still accept a CBI bid if one came despite our NCAA Tourney appearances over the past three years.
  7. I'm saying that AM gets the starting nod and it will be his job to lose over the first ten games. By mid-December I expect it will be obvious that Miles should get the starting nod. I love the fact that our incoming guards are all 6'3/6'4. I'm sure one of them will be left out of the rotation, but could see the 4th guard getting some meaningful minutes.
  8. Call their online sales department and ask for a 10% discount coupon code and they'll give you one. I tried using coupons from RetailMeNot.com but they wouldn't work so when i called the rep, he gave me a code to enter. Standard shipping is free as well. Been wanting to get some more Billiken gear and there isn 't any in our area, so thanks for the link.
  9. The A-10 will be down next year compared to this. More teams are losing good talent than they have returning. Starting from the top: VCU will be the clear preseason #1, losing only Reddic and Brandenberg. Good chance to go undefeated in the league despite Shaka's anemic halfcourt offense. Teams that might improve: Rhode Island to the middle of the pack and Fordham might escape the cellar. Teams that will be about the same: Duquesne and Richmond Teams that will somewhat worse: GW and Dayton Teams that will be much worse: All the rest. Davidson loses three starters from a team that was no
  10. Down goes Kansas, down goes Kansas, down goes Kansas!!!
  11. Call these Seniors the Slab 5, building the foundation for sustained success. Thanks guys!
  12. But would have to be disappointed with our lack of Oh-fense.
  13. Record for futility with 3 pt. FG in NCAA Tourney history, 0-15. MM couldn't even make the final layup. Shooting was just abysmal but still a good season.
  14. Please be a shooter in the next recruiting class.
  15. JJ misses 2 more FTs. Ballgame but thank you Seniors!!!
  16. Needed the Jordair and one there. Got to make two here.
  17. Dadgumit, down nine, nothing going right since we took the lead.
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