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  1. Yacoubou was kicking Ash late in this one. Great team effort in the second half. The frosh are stepping up early. Great to see.
  2. The Wiz is da bomb diggity!! Love your prognistications. Feel free to message me with any Wake predictions you come up with.
  3. Was making a comparison between who Jordair reminded me of. The post I quoted said he wasn't sure of who was a player similar to Jordair. The guy he reminded me of was Al Attles. Super strong, super tough, great defender, not a great shooter, solidly built and low to the ground. That was the logic I was going for. BTW, thanks for getting me to go look up the definition of non-sequitir. Was never really sure what that meant until now.
  4. Us old guys remember an NBA PG named Al Attles. Had a great career with the Warriors from '60 thru the early '70's. Little known fact is that he was the PG the night Wilt went for 100. The next day's paper led off with: "Wilt Chamberlain and Al Attles combined for 117 points while leading the Warriors to a 169-147 victory over the Knicks." Doubt you could say that about any other twosome in hoop history.
  5. The information around here is flowing like molasses. Who's got the preseason scoop? We demand to know.
  6. Barry Orms was a bench-warmer one season for the Baltimore Bullets in '68-'69 and the Bullets didn't win the NBA Championship. He then had a year in the ABA in '69-'70 and that was it. He wasn't much of a pro shooting just 37% from the floor and 54% from the line. Not to be overly picky but Niemann was listed in Carolina Cougar programs as 7'0, not 7'2. From looking us his career stats, Gene Moore did have a solid ABA career but what I can't figure out is why his name doesn't ring a bell with this old Carolina Cougar fan who followed the ABA very closely.
  7. Link to an article about Grand Canyon extending head coach Dan Majerle's contract. CBS did a feature on him during the tourney. http://www.azcentral.com/story/sports/college/gcu/2014/05/01/grand-canyon-extends-basketball-coach-dan-majerle-contract/8562531/
  8. Here's a link I found explaining the general functions of a DOBO. It's NOT a coaching position, but a DOBO has his hand in many aspects of the overall operation of the program. http://www.hoopcoach.org/profiles/blogs/director-basketball-operations-job-description
  9. But what about locker rooms, butts, and naked dudes?
  10. What type of cheese would you like with that whine?
  11. Truth and I'm white and pretty old. I got the biggest kick out of George Carlin one night when he opened his act with " Before I get started, I just want you to know one thing about me.... I'm prejudiced.... I hate white people!" Talk about shock value for the time.
  12. Very cool, Well done Blake and Austin. That deserves a Rammer "Hooray for Hollywood!"
  13. If not the NFL, then the NBDL, or overseas. Didn't mean to imply the Association.
  14. Congrats to JJ the Jet Plane for getting some AA recogniton. Well done! Now, make some FTs at the next level.
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