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  1. Ben Jacobson signs a new 10 year contract with Northern Iowa. Sounds like the Panthers are in it to win it with facility upgrades in the works. Apparently, he likes it in quite fine in Cedar Falls.
  2. When his team inevitably falls behind by 20, will he call a timeout?
  3. What I'm looking forward to the most is finding out who's having a "Conklin summer." I'm sure by July we'll be hearing about how Jolly and Gillmann are having Conklin summers and how great they're going to be next season. It'll be just like when word came out that Remekun, Manning, and Glaze were having Conklin summers. How'd that work out? One thing is clear, only Conklin can have a Conklin summer. Would love to see that phrase permanently retired from this board.
  4. Was surprised to see that 70% of ESPN brackets had Kansas winning this one. As good as the Shockers are and with their motivation factor of playing Kansas, seemed like a sure thing to me.
  5. Surprising, with the promise they showed this year.
  6. On the CBI watch, give props to Porter Moser and his Loyola team on their 62-59 win over Rider. That's the Ramblers first 20 win season in 8 years. Tough road ahead as they'll probably have to face UC-Santa Barbara in the second round. I remember that Majerus lobbied to have Porter be the Bills head coach-in-waiting but the administration didn't go for it. Let's say that Crews, for one reason or another, retires soon, and also say that Porter has some more 20 win seasons at Loyola. Would he have much support here to be our head man?
  7. Crawford? Really like the way he came on at the end. Needed more minutes.
  8. We had no post presence whatsoever, no one who could slash to the glass, and a bunch of brick masons from the floor. Not many assists to be had in those circumstances.
  9. I like this Brown Indian team. Up 10 with 1 to go.
  10. Bills hanging tough. Got to give them credit.
  11. Are you telling me we couldn't have found more minutes for MC this year?
  12. 20 pt. watch off after scoring on three straight possessions. Has that happened before this year?
  13. 20 pt. watch is in effect. We might break our record. 12-0 Duquesne run.
  14. Same awful stuff. The gang that can't shoot straight shows up again. We're 2-15 from the floor with 5 shots blocked.
  15. Sorry, but it took our best game of the year, and a horrible night of FT shooting for Duquesne for us to beat the Dukes. Then we looked totally outclassed by them on the road. Sorry, but I don't think this team has it in them to be competitive tonight. That said, I usually guess wrong about these things so I hope I wind up about it and we win.
  16. Quoted for truth. It makes it hit home just how far away from being good again, and how fortunate we were over the past three years to be in the conversation.
  17. Really looking forward to seeing Duquesne set some kind of scoring record when they take us to the woodshed.
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