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  1. "This is what a Bills team looks like at full potential." Can't wait for these guys to find their potential and see how often they can come close to playing to it. So much promise at each position. Austin's role on the team is kind of the wild card as he's not a PG, is too short to be a shooting guard, yet we need what he brings. Would love to see Ash become a consistent three point threat as with his size and ability to get to the glass, our backcourt has a higher potentional than with Austin getting as many minutes as he does. Don't get me wrong, I'm not busting on AM as there's no way we'
  2. ^^^ Excellent post. It might take many tweets for this message to get out, but will someone please start tweeting?
  3. This is an excellent point. Can we tweet this to someone who's a friend of Jayson's friend?
  4. Have we discussed the point that schools often, or always, release the attendance numbers based on tickets sold or distributed, rather than turnstile count? From watching, I doubt if there were more than 2500 people in attendance.
  5. Go_Bills, Will the links to "copy to VLC" be updated for each game or will the same links go to the new game. One of the reasons I had trouble was we downloaded it at work on the 64 bit link but my laptop only allowed 32 bit. We have high speed internet at home, which of the VLC links do you think will be most effective for me? Thanks again!
  6. Definitely noticed that. His FT stroke shows as much improvement in one year as any I've seen. Last year, he was painful to watch with all the motion in his shot. He's been a fast learner with that, hoping that he'll catch on to the rest of it nearly as well. If he does he'll have, as Hubie Brown would say, "Tremendous upside potential."
  7. Miles is going to be the straw the stirs the drink before too long. He's fearless taking it to the rack.
  8. Let me add to my "five tries" post that I had a co-worker load the thing on one of our work computers today before I came home, then we deleted it, and I went through the process once. Even then, it took me five tries to get it right. If he doesn't show me that today, there's no way I watched this game tonight.
  9. There's a lot to like about this team. There's plenty of athleticism and size. Gillmann and Jolly need a year in the weight room to hold their own in the paint, but there are athletes everywhere else, there's good quickness, potential for some shooters to develop, and looking ahead to next year, better bigs coming in than are leaving. I see this team jelling by the second half of the A-10 schedule and finishing above the ninth place prediction, then being a threat to VCU in '16.
  10. Thanks Go_Bills! Took me about 5 tries on the VLC Media Player thing but I finally got it.
  11. Except Texas A&M - Corpus Christi!! Just kidding Wiz, I enjoy your predictions. Keep 'em coming.
  12. I think he's happy that we've been winning some squeakers and that 4-2 is a heckuva lot better than it could be.
  13. Why don't we join the MVC? :rolleyes:
  14. Bills win!!! Bills win!!! Bills win!!! Hooray for Hollywood!!! Team grew up some in the second half, keep it going guys.
  15. Bartley fouls out, we're up 2 at 1:22, they have a one and one. Miles in for Bartley.
  16. Has Bartley hit a triple this year?
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