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  1. I would like to see Has' get through one season without having to deal with "big man discrimination" from the refs. Normally, when a driving player runs into a defender, the defender falls down and gets the call. When a driver runs into Has', he remains upright, the offensive player hits the deck, and they call the foul on Has'. Someone needs to wise up the refs that just because a guy is built like a house and is strong as an ox doesn't mean that they're the one committing the foul.

  2. 15 minutes ago, Band Legend said:

    The best part of the radio broadcast was Rammer's persistent snide remarks about Will Wade.  I think beating him made the day even more sweet than other big wins.   He is a pear shaped ******.

    KMOX or SLU or someone should provide podcasts of Rammer and Earl's game broadcasts. Dayton has this and I've listened to replays of our games with them from time to time. My son was listening to Rammer and Earl while I was at work and texted me some Rammer commentary. Has anyone tried the "sync my broadcast" tool that let's you sync up a radio broadcast with what's showing? Would love to see be able to watch while getting play by play from Rammer and Earl.

  3. 31 minutes ago, almaman said:

    Yep TF looking good. Cool use of Strickland end of half. Will be fun watching him use this depth rotating Has end of halves on offense n defense. 

    Also, the sideline out of bounds play with only five seconds on the clock was a thing of beauty. We're lucky to have Coach Ford. Also, another overlooked play was JGood's great hustle to secure the rebound on the sideline which led to the three where Perkins was fouled. Without that one, who knows how it plays out. Perkins was unbelievable, GJ was clutch and everyone played well. GREAT Win!!

  4. 54 minutes ago, Bizziken said:

    He had a quiet 2nd half, but that baseline move saved our ass. LSU had just gone on a 9-2 run and were gearing up to get a big stop. Perkins was gassed on that possession, too. We needed it. 

    Terrific shot by Demarius. He was 5-5 from the floor, made his only 3 pt. attempt and 2-2 from the stripe. His play was crucial to the win.

  5. 10 hours ago, thetorch said:

    Didn't know where to put this but the man who couldn't make his FTs against us, TJ Warren, just put up 53 points for the Pacers against the 76ers. shooting 20 of 29 and 9 of 12 from 3.  His previous high was 40 points 3 years ago.  He was recently traded to the Pacers from the Suns for cash considerations.

    Pretty decent night.

  6. If I’m wrong, I’ll own up to it, but I doubt any college sports will be played this year. The hope we had for sports as we’ve known them, which includes fan attendance without limitations, was to shut the economy down through July 4th, and have everyone follow the remediation efforts that we’re all now familiar with. 

    Since a July 4th restart scenario wasn’t likely, I hoped we could keep everything shut down through Memorial Day, and maybe we’d get lucky. Once the “liberate states” stuff started, that was likely the end of sports in the USA for ‘20-21.

  7. 2 hours ago, cheeseman said:

    I would assert that they are not "more than casual sports fans"

    When you live in ACC country you run into fans who love Duke, Carolina, and others but aren’t really familiar with teams not in the Power 5 conferences.

  8. The Chris Sloan podcast is excellent. Good storytelling and plenty of good stories. His description of Izik Ohannan’s time at SLU is great and I especially liked the Channing Frye dunk story and the Dayton return plane flight. SLU owning a bunch of old airplanes is funny in its own right.

  9. 2 hours ago, WVBilliken said:

    Dang.  Think I nailed it for once.  My post in the 2020 Recruiting thread from about a week ago is below.  Hits pretty much every point.  Nice get. Dang, SLU is gonna be really good next year!!!!!!

    "I would like to see a transfer inside big with 2 years eligibility for that last scholarship, but only if the NCAA decides to grant non-Grad transfers immediate eligibility when the decision is made in May or early June.  I think Ford is waiting on this decision to fill that last scholarship".

    "Advantages: 1) Immediate eligibility to help fill a need for a NCAA Tourney potential team, 2) Quality of the player could be potentially very high, starter level,  3) Keeps it going.  Great team next year and with a replacement for French in place for the following season on another loaded team.  Yes, SLU loses its big three but has a very nice roster in place even with those guys graduating, 4) Reduces the stress of having to bring in another big class in 2021.  There are three already and a Grad Transfer makes it four, 5) Adds a second Junior in the mix somewhat evening out the classes".

    Nostradamus has nothing on you. Good call.

  10. 49 minutes ago, slu72 said:

    Jees, this thread was supposed to be a fun post, now it's turned into a freaking funeral! 

    Go Bills! They were really coming together late in the year with the 5 double digit wins to end the season. That’s especially impressive when you factor in the Thatch and Jimerson absences.

    I was amazed by the way Perkins came on beginning with the Davidson game. Despite his juco stats, I didn’t think he looked like a double digit scorer at the D-1 level when I watched the juco all-star game.

    Figured he would average 9 to 9.5 ppg and thought he didn’t look like a consistent three pt. threat. Thought most of his points would come from the 12 to 18’  range because that’s the one thing that looked solid. He proved me wrong in a big way and I’m glad I missed on this. You like comparing him to Harry Rogers but I never saw Rogers play. I did see George Gervin play and I see a lot of George Gervin in him. 

  11. 2 hours ago, JMM28 said:

    I think they could push til mid May at most. After that most people are going to say enough is enough. Mid May would be 2 months for most places. 

    From following the situation closely over the past month and having a healthcare background, my guess is that May 22nd is the first possible date we can begin to open up segments of the economy. Looking at the May calendar, the 26th seems like a logical date they'll settle on as it's the Tuesday following Memorial Day.

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