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  1. On 5/5/2021 at 8:49 PM, White Pelican said:

    I'm like you on the 5 second rule. I think when they lowered the shot clock to 30, they got rid of the 5 second close guarding rule. I noticed a few years ago, at a women's game, that the ref was doing that arm count again. And then I looked for it at the next men's game and sure enough, it was back. I'm almost positive it HAD been eliminated but it came back. (And too damned lazy to try and look it up.)

    As for the rest of it, I wish they'd leave the damn game alone. I'm about done with MLB and now college hoops is trying to piss me off too.

    The 5 second closely guarded rule only applies to a player “holding” the ball. They changed the rule in 2016 to eliminate the 5 second count when a player is dribbling. 

  2. On 4/10/2021 at 9:16 AM, courtside said:

    I don't know what did or did not happen at UC. A few of the well mentioned things are 3.5 hour practices multiple times where medical staff had to intervene to stop practice,  speaking negatively about some players behind their backs to other players. Those types of things. There were some players supportive of thr coach, many left. Brannen was successful elsewhere, and, he hadn't been at UC all that long yet.

    Others will mention that UC thinks it made a bad hire and this is their way of removing themselves from that. 

    Mick Cronin did well at UC. The thing he didn't do was win a lot in the NCAA's, 2nd weekends etc...And of course he took UCLA to the Final Four this year.

    Some names that will get mentioned, are long time Cronin assistant Darren Savino, (he was passed over last time), Dennis Gates, Frank Martin, Archie Miller, Scott Nagy, Richie Riley, others.

    It's often not good when the AD gets as much or more attention than the higher profile coaches at any school.

    UNCG’s Wes Miller hired at UC. Only 38, but has 10 years experience as a head coach at the G. Had five 20-win seasons at a school about as low profile as there is. He clearly did a terrific job there but, having sat behind the G bench at some home games over the years, I can tell you he’s a maniac on the sidelines. I guess it’s OK but I felt almost embarrassed for him with the tantrums he would throw at the refs about essentially nothing.

    Hoping the G will hire ETSU’s coach who was wrongly dismissed after only one year. That would be an in your face hire if I’ve ever seen one. Those fools at ETSU have trashed their program for at least a few years.

  3. 17 hours ago, Pistol said:

    Wyatt Yess has elected to stay at Yale. Local kid, but I don't think SLU would've been interested. He's been in the portal for a few months - the Ivy League didn't play this season.

    So it appears that the answer to Yess was no.

  4. 2 hours ago, AnkielBreakers said:

    It is funny, I thought Baylor would win by 10. Gonzaga did not seem to have a great defense. Baylor is just a really good team this year. Good all around. Similar to Virginia a few years ago.

    With the exception of the USC first half, I just wasn’t that impressed with the Zags. With Kispert cold from the arc and Nembhard having an off-game, they couldn’t make up for their lack of foot speed on D. Suggs is a heckuva player, and Timme a crafty center, but there was no way the Zags could keep up with Baylor’s better athletes.

  5. 27 minutes ago, Aquinas said:

    ... How good will we be this year? There is a lot of Koolaid flowing on the board right now, but the truth is we have a number of big question marks. Perkins is the only proven double digit scorer that we have.

    How productive will Okoro be? He looks like an NBA draft pick, but has very modest D-1 numbers. It’s looking like Perkins will get a lot of time at the 4, but he really doesnt like defending forwards. Nesbitt brings in some big high school numbers, but what kind of outside shooter will he be with the longer 3 point line? How long before he is comfortable with the speed of D-1 and our offense and defense? We have a lot of strong candidates for the other scoring guard position, but none have consistently put together offense and defense. Yuri owns the point position, but will he recapture the enegy of his freshman year and will his free thow percentages improve?

    Ford has his work cut out for him. There is a lot of potential, but a lot of ground to cover. 

    Sounds like we need more Gatorade flowing and less Koolaid. We gotta go to work.

  6. 2 minutes ago, Lando Griffin said:

    Zaga can’t be this tired from that OT game can they? 

    This isn't about fatigue, this is about getting your ass kicked by better players. Zags have 7 turnovers to 2, and getting outrebounded 12-6. Total domination so far.

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