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  1. GDT: Kansas (CBE HOF Classic Championship)

    Rob Loe better be paying attention watching Withey. That is what a 7 footer is supposed to do not brick three's and play no defense!
  2. GDT: Kansas (CBE HOF Classic Championship)

    Does this team know what a pump fake is?
  3. GDT: Kansas (CBE HOF Classic Championship)

    The Billikens are the only team I know who could lose a game of Horse to one of their fans!
  4. GDT: Kansas (CBE HOF Classic Championship)

    Our 7 footer is useless!!
  5. Observations!

    it's obvious most people on this board know nothing about basketball, with fans like these it's np wonder were buried inside the sports page.
  6. Observations!

    Moy watch the good teams the inside game shoud always open up the outside game. Loe did nothing special last night. I did not hear coach heaping praise on him. X sure as hell wasn't worried about him. Rob Loe has alot of growing to do at the D-1 level, but the one thing he needs cannot be taught toughness. If BC was his size he would be getting ready to play at the next level. Loe does not play with the heart of Conklin!
  7. Observations!

    What did Rob do last night that was so special? I didn't see him on ESPN!
  8. Observations!

    Rob Loe killed this team today. Other than the occasional 3 what does he bring to the table? He is way out of position defensively way to often and to unathletic and timid to play the post! The gamely scoring drought reared it's ugly head again today. This happens because we have no inside game what so ever! 6-22 from 3 this was the biggest problem. They need to become more dynamic offensively the reliance on the jump shot kills this team. Lastly no presence in the middle it has and will continue to kill us. If you want to win in March you need the bigs. I feel we will get in the dance but how long we stay I cannot predict. This team has alot to work on!
  9. Where's Gary???????

    I'm here enjoying the ignorance of you fellow trolls!!! It was a great win for the Bills!! I will not be happy until we are dancing!!! The biggest adjustment made was taking the ball inside instead of of settling for the jumper. I find it really hard to match wits with the charm and intellect of this board.
  10. One common thing in all six losses!

    I'd rather have the win!
  11. One common thing in all six losses!

    Anyone who watched the game the Bills had a twelve point lead in the first half against Dayton. You fans are not real fans!!!
  12. One common thing in all six losses!

    Do you know anything about basketball? Just wondering you never seem to have a point just your usual sophmorish public school mentality. You could think and you could talk if you only had a brain!! Just don't stand up if you do I don't want it to get cold!!!
  13. One common thing in all six losses!

    Majerus should catch heat where were the adjustments yeasterday? All of the players you mentioned are not difference makers.
  14. One common thing in all six losses!

    Why do we put up so many bricks because we do not have a legitimate big guy, we do not attack the basket we just settle for the jumper. Majerus needs to learn the word adjustment! THe inside game should open up the outside game. Wrong it was 12 at Dayton, and 12 at NM check your stats.
  15. The Bills have blown double didgit leads in all of them.